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The Take Me Deeper devotion for this week at HKC is a good one.  It begins with this verse, but there is some good stuff about the next verses after this one and I may just have to do another layout this week and study the other verses.

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I couldn't decide what to do with this graphic (as always!).  The tutorial for this week's art challenge is my new one on using silhouette shapes (course 2, lesson 102).  What shape could I use?  Then I remembered when underlining the words in the verse there was a repetition of the word "one" which I felt drawn to. It is not really a silhouette, but more a shape, but I went with the thought process. So I started by adding one of the characters of "one" (that's a tongue twister!) and when I was choosing the font, I realized how many different ways you could write the word "one!" Wow!  Some were were skinny and some fat, just like people.  Some were smaller and some larger.  Some straight up and down, some leaning.  Some straight and some curvy.

I mean, when I write the character on paper, I just draw a straight line, but I'm sure my straight line is a lot different than everyone else's line, right?  This also makes me realize how individual we all are.  Even the same person writing a line twice on the same piece of paper does not draw the line the same.  Do they?  Try it.  How can something so simple have so many differences?

We are the same way.  We all have (hopefully) ten toes, yet I find myself staring at toes because they are all different on each person.  It fascinates me!  Yes, I'm weird.

We are the same way with so many different talents and gifts, each created with our own purpose in helping the body function.

How do I help the body of Christ function?  What a great prayer today to ask God what I can do better to help His body function better or to ask God to help me see my gifts and not deny them and use them boldly.


Altered Amanda said…
Great post- love the thoughts on writing "one"!

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