July 1 . . . a Wednesday

We woke up at 1 a.m., after having gone to bed at 9:30 p.m., for 3.5 hours of sleep. I think I woke up every hour on the hour too.

We were slow to get rolling out of bed, took our showers, and headed on the road at 2:20 a.m.

As we drove we were joking about living a truckers life. A trucker knows it is easier to drive when it is dark and there are less people on the road.
Around sunrise we were in Nashville Tennessee. We were hopeful and excited about seeing a pretty sunrise, but all we saw was an odd blurb of sun in the sky. 

The drive through the Smokey Mountains was gorgeous!  It was as if we were driving through a valley where the mountains met. Both sides of the highway had mountain directly on them. Then there were mountains right in front of us. It went on and on. We still had not seen the sun all day. 

We went through a few tunnels that were cut through the mountain. That was kind of cool.

We stopped at the North Carolina welcome center and picked up a lot of pamphlets to review and for reading during our trip.

When we were nearing our destination, hubby was calling campsites trying to find us a place to stay to no avail. We found our way to the Brevard visitors center and the lady was very helpful. Apparently, everything is booked up for the Fourth of July weekend. She did have a suggestion of a place just outside of town called adventure Village. We called and they indicated they had available primitive campsites, but did have a shower. All I need is a place to pitch my tent, a warm shower, and water to make my tea. However, after we set up camp, we remarked at how primitive this really was. Primitive camping were up a snake-hill type road with dangerous curves and we could see the ruts in the road from rain. Most of the campsites were difficult to even drive into and you had to park on the rutty gravel road. We chose the one that seemed safest from any flooding runoff and pitched our tent. 

This is our view to the side of our tent. It was the best view of many of the sites. I think there are 20 sites up here, and we are the only one here. It is a little intimidating, especially thinking that this is black bear country, but we do love the quiet and privacy.

It was about 2:30 p.m. and we had munched on a few things from gas stations, but we're otherwise hungry from not having eaten. The visitor center lady had told us of two restaurants that were in home buildings and had outdoor seating. We found them very quaint. The one on the right told us that they were closed because everything in town shuts down between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to prepare for dinner. However, the restaurant to the left said they were open until 3 p.m. and we barely got in.

They absolutely loved the table we sat at and enjoyed the view. We had learned from the guy at the campsite dead people like this area because the temperature never gets over about 85°. We could see now this was true, although we were still missing seeing the sun.

When our waitress brought our food we were surprised at how large the plates were. Hubby got a special that was a pork sandwich and fries. 

I got a Parmesan chicken on top of a bed of spaghetti. It was huge! I found it very delicious and the tomatoes were tasty. So were the onions. Once again we asked questions about the location and got information, polking for info to private waterfalls. We left stuffed and happy. It was a great location, great service, great food, and an okay price.

We decided to try to find our first waterfalls. We were here to do waterfall hunting in the first place. The first waterfall was called Looking Glass. On the way there we saw a lot of paved areas big enough for one ore two cars. We figured out that you could park there and walk down to get in the water. We cannot wait to do it tomorrow.

We hiked down the steps and I took some short videos with my phone and photos with my camera. We saw other people in the water. We had already climbed down and waited out into the shallow water. It was freezing cold. We debated whether to go up and get on our swimsuits, and I decided we would regret not doing so. There were so many waterfalls, I would not want to come back to get into this one. So we hiked back up the steps and changed our clothes in the car. We took the water camera with us and went back down and got in the water. I am so glad we did, because we had so much fun. Was difficult walking on the rocks against the current. They had to be very careful. When we got past the rocks to the open water area the current was so strong it was difficult to swim toward the waterfall. I managed to make it, but Hubby, you cannot float as well, went around to the edge and worked his way closer on the rocks. I made it all the way to stand right under the falls while hubby was taking photos and videos. Then we switched places and hubby got under the waterfall.

This is what I came here to do and I am doing it already. I was excited and we had a blast.

Then we made our way to the next waterfall but decided the mile hike was too long for the time of day and our wet bodies.  

So we went to the next waterfall called Sliding Rock. We had to pay two dollars each to enter. We took the water camera, so I do not have any photos for this blog post. But people were sliding down the waterfall into the water. It was so cool. I really wanted to do it but I hesitated a lot thinking for a long time. I was afraid the slide would not keep my swimsuit in place, or I would have trouble with my contacts going into the water, or people would laugh at the big fat lady going down the slide. I got up my motivation and took off my rings and put them in hubbies pocket for safekeeping. 

Once I had my motivation up, I was not too scared. What a thrill. It was so much fun. I cannot believe that I was sliding down a waterfall. I found the rock very smooth and the speed slightly fast and the landing okay. There were lifeguards there. I decided to hoot and holler for the video that hubby was taking. I did not need to hoot and holler or scream, I just did it for fun. I went a second time, but decided to do it much quieter this time. Hubby did not do it because he was a frayed of hurting his already in-bad-shape back. If you were 10 years younger he would've been doing it with me. I think we are getting old. Well hey, we are getting old because I am doing this to celebrate my 50th birthday.

We went to check out a picnic area that was supposed to have good swimming for possibility tomorrow. When we went to leave we could tell it was beginning to rain. 

We decided to head back to our campsite. It was raining, but not too hard with no thunder or lightning. Just enough to give a good soaking.

We stopped for gas and some snacks. We got everything we needed out of the car and put it in the tent. We sat for a few hours in the tent until about 10 p.m. reading pamphlets and talking about our plans for the coming days. The rain was soft and pleasant to listen to. We were cold. We cannot wait to snuggle up to each other to warm up and fall asleep.


Tara D said…
That sounds so amazing! I love waterfalls!
Tammy said…
Wonderful!!!! So glad you had a good time. :)

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