July 10 . . . a Friday

It took my entire morning time to finish putting the captions on my vacation video.  I decided to save it as a larger file and it was taking forever to process.  I think I will save it in two sizes.  I'm not sure how long it will take to upload to Youtube, but I'm ready to be done and to move on from this project.

Currently on my mind and heart: Typhoon Chan-hom and Super Typhoon Nangka headed toward Japan & China where second cousin Jill & husband are living (China) and nephew Josh is stationed in Navy (Japan).

When we were driving back from Paducah the last hour of our vacation drive home, where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet around Cairo and along southern Illinois Route 3, the water was very high near the roads.  It was very intimidating to me, as it has always been, driving on a levy road that could wash out at any moment.  Today, I read reports that the travel to Paducah from Cape may be rerouted with a new highway in the future.  I would be very thankful for that.

I was able to get the video uploaded.  I saw several errors after I uploaded it and reprocessed it for my personal files several times to correct the typos.

In the evening, we helped out with the meal at church for those in need. I was in charge of serving the cucumbers and onions, but as always, there was so much more to do, including taking out the initial plates and drinks and taking away empty plates for cleaning.  I was supposed to take time out to sit and chat with the folks while eating with them, but every time I went to get a plate, they were waiting on buns to bake, so I could not get a plate.  It was okay because there was so much to do anyway and, as always, I run myself about getting much needed exercise. I did try talking with folks while standing and I did sit, without food, and chat with one lady.  The idea is that we get back to the roots of the whole event in that we get to know the people so we can share God's love with them, not just shove food at them.   Hubby helped out for the first time.  He did not want to go, but I talked him into it and I think he was glad he went.  He never likes doing things with church until I talk him into it.  I think he actually had fun.

Thereafter, there was the cleaning job.  I have to do it the next nine times as the person I take turns with is on vacation.  She did it for me while I was gone, so it is working out well.

Thereafter, we went to Food Giant to grocery shop.  I was in so much need of fresh vegetables which I love to eat.  There was almost no food in the house.

After all that in the evening, I was exhausted and ready for bed. 


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