July 11 . . . a Saturday

This Saturday was a slow going day for me.  We have a weekend at home and we are intending to relax.  I started my day in bible study and doing my Digital Bible Journaling layout.  I had a rough time getting motivated to do it.

Then I spent some time, quite a bit of time, figuring out how to transfer my calendar and contacts from Outlook to Google.  I was such an avid Outlook user in the past, but now I do not read any emails there, or next to none, so I find myself never opening the program.  I'm in bad need of using my calendar again as I keep forgetting things.  I am thinking that using a browser service that also syncs to my phone might be a better option for me.  I've always been hesitant putting all that personal information of everyone else online.  That seems a huge responsibility.  However, it seems in 2015 that the world is different and more trusting, plus, with all the hacking and whatnot already, and all the places that have our personal information online already, everything seems already compromised.  Even for people not being online at all, their information is out there.  I downloaded the Google calendar app to use instead of the iPhone one, although it is syncing to both.  

Maybe now I will be able to make it to appointments and remember birthdays again.  I am going with the popup reminders for now, but I might need too do some email reminders.  With Outlook, the reminders stayed there until I dismissed them after I took action.  The only way to do this with Google is to keep email reminders until I dismiss them aka delete them.  The only problem with that system is that my emails get buried.

I had to spend a long while editing all my calendar entries because the reoccuring feature does not work in transferring from Outlook to Google.  That really stinks!  Plus, for some crazy reason, Google does not have a feature for the reoccurring on the last day of the month.  How could they not have that?

Hubby's truck needed inspection for licensing purposes, so he spent some of the morning at the shop.  Of course, it did not pass inspection and it is costing us over $300 in repairs.  He has to get a muffler somewhere else cheaper next week before it will pass inspection, but had some of the repairs done today.  We just cannot catch a break on unexpected expenses.

We are poorer than poor right now and so we won't be doing too much more for a while except having fun at home and maybe spending some gas money on a weekend camping trip nearby next month.

I decided to make a roasted corn salad.  I've never roasted corn on the stove before, but I gave it a go.  I usually just put it in my potato pouch and microwave it.  I brushed some olive oil on my ribbed pan.

I covered my pan with foil to keep the heat in while I cut up my tomato, onion, and bell pepper.

Here are the ingredients I ended up using:

Grilled corn salad
2 ears of corn
2 roma tomatoes
1 green pepper
1 vidalia onion (or other type)
balsamic vinegar

The recipe I was following did not have the vinagar and sugar, but after tasting, it seemed to need it to me.  So I just added a small splash of each, really not much at all, and it really made the dish.

So the corn had some roasted look to it, but I'm not sure that the roasting was all that necessary and I'll probably do the microwave next time.

I cut the corn off the cob and into a bowl, then added all the other ingredients.

Wow!  It was so yummy!  I'm ready to make it again.  I had a sandwich with bacon, cheese, ham, lettuce, and a spread of spinach dip as my condiment, along with the corn salad as a side.  What a delight!  

I ended up eating the rest of the corn salad the next day, just straight from the bowl.  Yum!

We decided to do our kiddie pool relaxing thing.  The sun was so strong that I had to find a way to shade my iPad, so we took the decorative umbrella down from the patio roof and tied it to my fun old chair.  It really made for such a simple fun addition to our backyard fun.  So great to find multiple uses for the umbrella and to appreciate the simple things.

We had bought some Black Cherry sodas in a bottle at the grocery store for using like rootbeer floats, but decided they were fun to have while relaxing in the pool.

They are also fun to photograph!  I do love photography!  When I set it in the grass next to the chair, I really appreciated the still photo.

Our saying is "Am I doing this right!"  Something is wrong with our kiddie pool.  It is no longer firm on the edges and it makes our wallowing a bit difficult.  It was hard to have somewhere to lay my head.

Ria visits us at the pool, but Miss Tizzy really cracks us up when she walks along the edges like a balance beam.  She sure does have good balance!  One time she walked across me from one side of the pool to the other like a plank.  Any way she can go and stay dry, she goes.  Here she is parked on hubby's chest.  Um, I suppose that is a little risque of a photo, but ignore that part and focus on the cute dog part.

See, doesn't the umbrella just make the setting?  We had fun listening to Pandora and singing along.

Miss Tizzy visited me a lot, but it is hard for me to get photos when she is visiting me.  Here is a selfie.  I'm careful not to drop my phone in the water.  See how expertly she balances on my arm so as to not get wet.

We watched some t.v. on the laptop on the patio and the umbrella in a new spot gave us simple new joy.  Crazy, huh, how simple things delight me.

For dinner, we had chocolate yogurt black cherry "floats" in a bowl.  We decided on a bowl so we could have a larger portion and that was fairly fun.

While watching t.v., I had a little bit of wine and put a bit of mint into it just for fun.


Tammy said…
I love how easily Goggle calendar and my iphone sync. :)

Your photos are wonderful.

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