July 12 . . . a Sunday

We started the day attending worship service.  Our small group is not meeting during the summer.

I had a potluck meeting with a group I've become involved in to partner with international students.  The student I was matched with has transferred to Atlanta, so I am going to be re-matched next month after the students arrive.  This meeting was just for the hosts and we had a great lunch together, shared about our experiences, and had a meeting.  I think I volunteered for too much stuff.  I need to learn to keep my volunteer mouth shut!

It was about 3 p.m. before I got home and hubby had refilled the pool, so we did some more relaxing and wallowing.  I have a bit of a sunburn on my back from yesterday, so today I made sure to just sit in the shade.

This time, instead of soda, we brought a bottle of wine to our outdoor dining chair. 

The umbrella fell once and it allowed me to snap a few photos at a different angle.  Goodness, I'm having more photography fun with this umbrella than anyone should ever be allowed, huh!?  lol

We decided to watch t.v. on the patio and I found my laptop had been on all night.  I had clicked to shut it down, but it had gotten stuck on the screen asking if I wanted to close programs.  Usually, it advances to close even if I do not click, but it did not this time.

I was afraid it had died.  It was extremely warm.  Every time I hit the on button, nothing happened.  I waited for a long time and then suddenly, the on button worked.  

Since I had eaten at the potluck, I had hubby's famous popcorn for dinner.  I ate a lot of it, with some cheese sauce dip.  I'm hungry for more of it just looking at this photo!  I'll never understand why I cannot make it as good as he does, even with him standing there prompting me.  It is one thing he certainly does better than me.  So, we had popcorn and watched t.v. online.

These tall yellow flowers that I shared blooming in the front yard the other day look gorgeous in the back yard.  However, they block the view to anything else.  I haven't even taken a walk in the garden since we returned from vacation.  I am going to have to add that to my to-do list for tomorrow.

Where did my day go?


Tammy said…

You celebrated my birthday in style. ;) LOL!!!!!
Hummie B said…
Oh my goodness! I missed your birthday! I hope you had a great day!

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