July 13 . . . a Monday

It is back to work Monday.  I am thankful for the rest I got this past weekend.

During the past few days since we got home, the girls have been rather full of anxiety when I leave the house, rushing out the door and giving us that oh-poor-me look when we ask them to come back inside.  Not today!  They recognize regular routine and Ria was sitting on the couch and Tizzy was in the bed just looking at me when I left without a care in the world.  I'll never get over how they can tell when it is a work day over other days, even if my routine is the same with a get up and shower and go.

I got on the scale today.  Yikes!  Wowza!  I guess I'm officially a yo-yo dieter.  I'm back to an 18 lb goal loss.  I lost all of my strides from earlier this year when I was down to the 11 - 12 lbs to go.

I've begun logging my food in MFP today and I've recharged my Fitbit and I'm going to have to focus on this weight thing again.  Sigh.

After work, I went directly shopping to try to find a solution for making tea.  What do people do to make tea?  I'm amazed that there is very little other than kettles to warm water in the stores.  Our Bodem glass pot broke while we were camping.  We still have the baskets and have been trying to just put it in a pot of water, but the pot is not big enough to get the water up to the holes and it is just not working well.  Plus, we only have one pot and when we have to use it to cook, that does not work well.  I really do not have the money to spend on yet another Bodem.  Only one store had an actual pot with a mesh strainer.  The pot was cute, cast iron, and workable, but it was small and would only do one or two cups at a time.  We tend to make a lot and put it in a pitcher in the fridge.  Maybe I will get that one another day down the road.

I ended up buying for $16 a regular water kettle as I determined that the Bodem mesh filter insert from our previous pot would fit.  This way, we can also warm our water on the stove rather than using the electric water kettle which seems to be breaking also.  The lid will not stay on.  So, finding something to reuse and repurpose what we already have without spending more money is a good thing.  We've already broken two of the glass pots, so this stainless steel won't break.  Also, they say the plastic is not good for you, with people pushing BPA and cancer in plastic a lot lately, so I want to be careful with what I buy.

I couldn't get a photo of the pot without me in it!  Silly me, I even tried hiding beneath the stove, but nope, there I am in the reflection!

It was after 8 p.m. when I got home. 

Then I had to go and do the (for pay) cleaning job.  I have to do it every day this week.  It was getting rather late before we tried to figure out dinner, so we stuck in a pizza.  I stayed under my calories for the day, however, so that was good.

The shopping and cleaning helped me get close to my 6,000 steps for the day, so I only had to run in place for about 400 steps to reach my goal.

The girls nails were getting really long, so I got out the dremil and worked away for a while.  They are getting much more patient with me.  I really had some shortening to do on their nails.  Maybe tomorrow night I will finish with the nail file and they will be all better.

They are so cute as they expect a treat after they get their nails done now.  They are patient with me just for the treats.  They do not like their front nails being done, but do not seem to care about the back ones and I cannot figure out what the difference is.

We watched a few more episodes of Alias and I think we are finally into Season 2.  There isn't much else but Big Brother to watch other than past seasons of shows we hadn't seen.  I realized the other day that Jennifer Garner is the star of the show and that she is the one going through a divorce with Ben Affleck (who did the filming of Gone Girl here in my home town).  I'm not too good with keeping up with actors and actresses and keeping them all straight.  I guess it is not something I really care about.


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