July 16 . . . a Thursday

Where is this week going?

I was slow again getting moving out of bed.  I had awoke around 5 a.m. and should have just gotten up, but after being awake so long, by the time I drifted back to sleep, my alarm went off, and then I was too tired to get up.

I decided to work on adding images to the class guides again.  It's mundane and does not require thinking.  Plus, it just needs to get done.  I finally dipped under 2,000 photos to add to Course 2.  I was mildly excited.  I managed to finish Set 1 of Course 2 (up to Lesson 20).  I've so far to go.  The good news is that as I keep going, each lesson will eventually have less images.  There are up to 100 images or more per lesson in the early lessons, but as it goes on, there are gradually fewer.

My weight is down to 16 more to go.  Still a bit to go to my lowest this year.  Sigh.

Still no sign of our camping refund.

During my lunch time, I decided to work on it some more and I got up to Lesson 25.  Progress.  I guess.

I had not ordered any new tea since March.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  They were have a free shipping option, and although I cringed at spending money right now, it is all I drink and over the time it takes for us to drink it, the cost is really rather inexpensive.  I got my favorite All Day Breakfast tea because it is almost gone and four that I had not tried before.  I thought I would try the ones that are "be well red teas" this time.  I really don't believe they will make us healthier, but hey, it cannot hurt and it will be fun to play with.  I mostly need the "get smart" and I thought the "get happy" was what hubby needed, but the "get heart" was with him in mind and his birth defect heart.  I think I may have had the passionfruit papaya now that I think about it, but it must have been so long ago I don't remember.

After work, hubby and I made dinner together.  I was hungry.

Then the (for pay) cleaning job.

Then I had lack of motivation.  Seems to be the theme right now.

I talked to hubby about how I dreamed for 10 months out of the year he was home in the evenings so we could do things together because there are things I would not do without him.  Then here he is in the two months with his schedule shift and we are doing nothing special.  We decided to make it a point tomorrow night to at least have a patio party for ourselves, unless I think of something else to do.


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