July 19 . . . a Sunday

Since hubby's birthday is on a Monday, we decided to do things to celebrate today.  He loves biscuits and gravy, so I made him a heaping pot of sausage gravy.  He also love the yogurt juice and drinks it faster than any other drink, so I had got him some of that.  Normally, I cannot get it because he drinks it so fast it's gone and seems a waste of money, just like sweets for him.  We tried out two of our new teas today too.  I had some blueberries with mine.

Since he loves bacon so much too, I made some bacon to top his already unhealthy meal.  Well, I guess there is a lot of milk in that gravy that may have some health benefits to it.  lol

We set up the pool again in the back yard to wallow. This was our view. The flowers are really pretty, but then again, not.  We really need to work in the yard but cannot seem to make ourselves do so.  We didn't have any sun as it was not pretty like the day before and mostly overcast.  It wasn't too exciting.

Miss Tizzy walks around and around the edges of our kiddie pool, stopping to the sit on our shoulders or "walk the plank" of our body, never touching the water. Lots of laughs and entertainment. ‪#‎OldPeopleFunInTheSun‬ Since we had limited time outside, I didn't take the umbrella and iPad outside, but we had the chair to set my phone on.  She would stop over on the chair for a while.

We had our "Love Circle" small group today.  We always take some food and today hubby just made some popcorn because it is so easy to make and oddly seems to go over well.  During our 20 minutes of couple time we generally sit in the nursery for privacy in the comfy rockers and as we were leaving he had to try out the kiddie chairs to pose for a photo,  Silly guy!  We watch some more of the Mark Unger Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage with the group.  It sure made for good conversation during our couple time.

With the snacks at the meeting and still feeling stuffed from the biscuits and gravy, we had some ice cream topped with blackberry wine.  It seems to be all the "wine fad" on social networking.  We had tried the port wine last month at a winery and that was the first time we had tried it.  Now it seems to be what I see everywhere.  It made for a nice birthday cake replacement.


Tammy said…
Looks like a nice relaxing Sunday!

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