July 24 . . a Friday

Before work, I made a graphic for the new Facebook group and blogged about it and started inviting people, putting up some posts too.  All this stuff takes time.

I'm feeling out of sorts.  

Co-worker had biopsy and we all waited for news throughout the day of successful surgery.  She may come home in a few days, but it will be a week before biopsy results are back.  I can never understand when things seem so urgent why the test results take so long to come back.

After work, the car said it was 100 degrees outside.  I don't think it really was, but was probably close, with the heat index over 100 (feels like).  They are talking about it being three years since our temperature has gotten over 100, but that this week may break over 100.

With Windows 10 coming out soon, I wanted to see if hubby's computer could get it.  So we plugged it in and realized it had not been used since last September!  After it did 6 updates, it had 71 more!

We remembered why we had not used it.  One of the dogs had chewed through the cord as a pup and the electrical tape was no longer doing its job and the laptop would not come on.  We took the cord from my old laptop and it fit!  That was a surprise.  We only need the part that goes from the box to the wall. 

So there was the (for pay) cleaning job and then we went to Best Buy and were happy to find a cord for under $10.  It wasn't in the computer section of the store.  We thought we would have to get it online, but then found it in the entertainment section of the store.  We were happy.

Then we went to get snacks, wine, and Redbox movies for the evening together on the patio.

I moved this flower holder the other day.  It hasn't fit on the shelf since I stuck it there  I'm not sure where to put it, so having it float around makes it feel like our space has changed.  Seems okay on the ground to me.

I mixed up some sour cream and ranch dip mix that I had on hand and we watched "Exodus, Gods and Kings" about Moses and the red sea.  There was a lot added to it that isn't in the Bible, but for the most part, the parts that were in the Bible stayed true. I actually liked seeing the red sea gradually parting. It made sense to me, rather than the images we see often of both sides of the water just standing on end in waves being held back.  The way they showed it in the movie seemed much more realistic and logical to me.


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