July 27 . . . a Monday

I worked on new projects until almost 1 a.m. and it was so hard to hear my alarm at 6:30 a.m.  I ended up making a simple graphic and arrow prayer before work and could not get myself to do much more.

Death seems to be all around me today.  First, the very hard to read report of my co-worker.  Then some friends on Facebook who lost loved ones unexpectedly, a friend who was reposting a loved one's passing anniversary, and others, at least six.  Then I never read the obituaries, but as happenstance opened the newspaper to that page and saw someone I knew and thought well of from my previous church had past away.

Death has been all around me all year, as my readers may recall.  I had 6 funerals of family members in 5 months, November, January, February, March, and two in April.  But I just cannot seem to get away from this death theme.  What is God trying to tell me?

At lunch I decided to cut some flowers to bring indoors.  I stuck these in my purse to take to work.  I thought that was cute.

I put some on the kitchen counter and I thought the light coming through the window was really pretty when I took the photo.

These are the flowers after they found their home at work.

I was playing with the Snapseed app and trying to learn it the last few days and this is the above photo redone.  Kind of cool, huh?
This is the way the flowers look as I sit in my chair.  I love enjoying the simple things like seeing things in a new way from a new angle.  Simple beautiful.
This is the above photo after I played with it on Snapseed.  I think I like the original better.

I made some kiwi lemonade after work.  I did not realize kiwi was so tart like lemons and limes.  No wonder it goes together.

There was the "pay for" job in the evening.

Hubby and I talked about going swimming at a pool as this is his last week home in the evenings with me.  We were surprised to find the pool at the Junior High closed for lap swimming only.  The water park costs too much at $7 per person, especially for a few hours.  We found the Jackson pool is only $1.50 after 5 p.m. and we are surprised to find we would have to go to the neighboring city for inexpensive time int he pool.  We thought about going, but were glad we did not because it ended up raining rather hard.  When is this rain going to end?  It has rained almost every day for months it seems.


Tammy said…
Your flowers are gorgeous!!

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