July 29 . . . a Tuesday

I had a mammogram appointment at 7:40 a.m. No time to do anything before work.  I don't know why, but just leaving the house earlier, even though I am usually up that early anyway, just made me feel more tired the rest of the day.  Of course, the possibility of a bad report is now in my "worry mind" and I have to wait several days to receive a report in the mail, although my doctor will have it in 24 hours.  I figure if he doesn't call me, maybe it will be an okay results.  I'd love to ask the tech what she saw, but I know she is not allowed to, but I try my best to read her expressions to no avail.

It's been two years since I had a mammogram.  Bad me, especially since my sister had breast cancer and both breasts removed a few years ago.  Was it really two years ago or more already?  Time flies fast.  I'm guessing around 2013 then and she would have been about 42 years old, which seems so young to me for breast cancer, but I know it can strike at any age.  Both her and my mom had the test down for the gene and it was negative, but with my Dad and his mom dying of cancer within 3 months of diagnosis, my mind always has probability underlying.

Then there is all the death I saw yesterday as I had blogged about and it all feels like a bad omen or premonition.

The mammogram appointment only took about 15 minutes and I had plenty of time to go home before work, but not enough time to do much.  I decided to put some fresh green beans in the crockpot, with some butter, vidalia onions, garlic, lemon grass, and salt and pepper.  I really need to cook and eat them before they go bad.

I had a crazy day between collaborating on a gift for our co-worker and haggling with this camping site that still has not refunded our money.

I had suggested we collect money and send our co-worker flowers, and someone said she did not know how well flowers would hold up on a trip up the highway, so I said I could cut flowers from my yard, and then there was the suggestion of wrapping a vase in paper and everyone drawing something on it, and someone else suggested markers right on the vase.  So with our minds together, we passed around the vase (we have lots in the break room) and everyone took turns drawing.  I made the rainbow (yes, I know, I cannot draw!) with text from lyrics from a song. The vase is only half finished in this photo.

This is lunch.  I ate part of the green beans and onions and they were delicious.  I had a whim and skinned and cut up a potato and added it to the crockpot for dinner.

Mary, who took our $60 for a campsite, as I've blogged previously, when we had canceled and were promised we would not be charged, still has to refunded our money, even though almost two weeks ago now she indicated she was sending the refund.  I spent time typing up the details and faxing it to the bank dispute department.  We had made the phone report, but had not turned in the written report yet.  

She had not returned my texts in over two weeks, so I decided to try again today.  I let her know I had submitted the written report, that I had been holding off and giving grace from writing online reviews, but that her lack of response confirmed our original thoughts, leaving us no choice.  I indicated I would also be filing a report with the BBB.

Thirty-four minutes later I received a response indicating that she did not refund the money because hubby was so ugly about all the things we were going to do to hurt her business, others don't give refunds, yada yada yada.  The last conversation we had was an agreement of $50 refund, so she never intended to send it when she agreed.  My hubby had been nothing but extremely kind and courteous to her, so this was fabricated totally.  I did leave her one voice mail indicating I was filing a dispute and would begin writing reviews online, but it was not ugly at all.

I replied reiterating our agreement and indicated she must be confusing us with someone else.  Then I directly asked her if she intended to keep our agreement and when and how would we get the refund.  Forty-five minutes later, she had not replied, so I texted again and indicated that her lack of response must mean "no" and that she was leaving me no choice, that I would stat on Facebook, TripAdviser, Yelp, Yahoo reviews, Google Local, Twitter, LinkedIn, Citysearch, and others, then would contact the BBB.  I let her know I had images, that it was not in my nature, but a recourse I am entitled to by rights as a consumer.

At lunch time, I began editing the above photo, in preparation to add to reviews.  I did not finish it, but grabbed a cell phone shot of my laptop screen.  This is the camping area.  I am certain she does not want me to put this online, but she has no idea what is about to hit her.  The rectangle on the top right is the spot where we put up our tent.  There are four spots next to each other for tents, with an isle in between, then another row, then another isle, then another row.  Twelve tents are supposed to fit in this very small spot.  She called it a "field" but it is more like a small lot.  Then there are four houses on stilts looking down over the campground.  The wind would whip under the stilts and blow our tent badly.  That is why we could not stay, although we tried to be positive and did set up the tent.  She thinks it is rain that made us leave, but it was not as we had slept in rain every other night in the tent.

An hour after my last text message, she replied that she was in a meeting.  I said "ok" and she replied asking for my address to send me a personal check instead of involving her "secretary."  So now her friend has three titles, "manager, bookkeeper, and secretary."  I gave her my address and held off on the reviews.  We won't wait long for the check.

I picked flowers from my yard for my co-worker during lunchtime also and this is what the final vase looked like.  At first, the yellow flowers got very wilted as they were not put into the vase for a half hour.  I thought they would not perk back up, but they did after an hour and I was thankful.

This is another photo of the vase.

This is dinner for me.  Is a bed of green beans and one potato topped with a fried egg and some shredded cheese.  The drink is the kiwi lemonade made yesterday.  It was actually very yummy.

Although I really was torn as to whether to spend an evening with hubby or go to a women's group bible study I had not been to in a long time, especially with this being hubby's last week home in the evenings, I ended up going to the Bible study and he ended up mowing the grass.

Today the heat index was supposed to be dangerously high around 115 and it was crazy for him to choose to mow the grass today.  I told him to take breaks.

There were about 15 ladies in one member's home and we had a nice Bible study about Solomon and Ecclesiastes. As always, I think I talk to much and then wonder if anyone is going to talk about me talking too much.  I've got to stop that way of thinking.  One lady did thank me for my contributions to the discussion.  We learned an unfamiliar definition to vanity, that being of "emptiness" and trying to fulfill that emptiness with things and possessions.  This is what Solomon did when his 700 wives and concubines from foreign countries swayed him from faith to worshiping idols.  He gathered possessions and control and still felt empty.  God punished him by taking away his kingdom, but not from Solomon, rather Solomon's son.  We talked about how Solomon's tolerating his wives and concubines idols lead to total loss for Solomon and how this related to today's gay marriage and whether or not we should tolerate the same when we are face to face with the issue.  We talked about our children and what they might want of our "stuff" after we pass and how each person places different value on items, sometimes based on memories.  We talked about it being okay to have possessions as long as we enjoyed them and were good stewards of them and gave God the credit and thanks for giving them to us.  We talked about how our striving for our living conditions is what keeps us motivated to toil and work and that there was just a balance that needed to be maintained between desiring possessions (nice house to live in) and our only goal being to get as much as we can.  If we are blessed with a good job that we love that gives us possession, it is not wrong to have those things.  It is all in attitude and mindset. Of course, then there are the Bible verses about "there is nothing new under the sun."

It was late when I got home, but it was a good evening.


Tina said…
Surely it'll all be okay (it's in God's hands), I LOVE Finding Favour and that dinner looks DELISH! (hugs)
Hummie B said…
Thanks for reading, Tina! Appreciate the encouragement.

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