July 30 . . . a Thursday

I just cannot get myself motivated and I'm telling myself that is okay.  I played with Windows 10 some more and I eventually managed to find the layout I was going to make a template of, so I have a start at least.
My first surprise lily was caught blooming during the lunch hour.  That was a nice surprise!

I found myself getting really depressed worrying about the mammogram results.  It was a hard day on my mind.  I had called the doctor before work to leave a message asking for the results as they had been faxed to him, but I am waiting on the regular mail, only to find out he is on vacation and wont' be able to return my call until Monday.  I hope I'll have the results by mail by then, so I didn't need him to call him back.  Sigh.  

There continues to be so much death in my Facebook stream, especially a new one with a 42 year old who lost her battle with cancer.  It's hard to see.

Spending our last week day evenings together, only two left, we decided to go to the swimming pool in Jackson.  We are such homebodies!  We kept sitting there wanting to go, yet wanting to just sit at home and do nothing too.  We were glad we made ourselves go though.  We were happy to see the lounge chairs, never having been to this pool before.  We spent a whopping $3 to get in and that made us happy, plus the gas.  However, if we lived in St. Louis, the 10 miles to drive would be nothing, so we keep things in perspective.  We are spoiled in our city with everything so close.

When we first got there, they blew the whistle for everyone to get out of the water.  Pools do this to check to make sure no one is underwater unseen.  It gives life guards a break too, I think.  So we stopped for a photo shoot of the pool with our shadow.  Fun photo stuff!

Here is the traditional leg and feet photo.  Yeah, some people online REALLY hate these photos, my hubby being one of them.  

While we were wallowing about the pool, we discussed what we might do this weekend.  The discussion turned to what the word "wallowing" mean as we both had different definitions for it.  So I looked it up.  Yeah. This is what I like to do.  Wallow!

At home, we decided to continue the evening together on the patio.  We had to do some busy work first though, such as watering the ferns and other plants which were getting neglected.  It seems when we only have our evenings together, instead of us having time alone, we don't get things done as we should be.  For instance, the "tub Tuesday" and "water Wednesday" have been neglected.  There just is not enough time.  I put some bleach in before we filled it with water and it turned to bubbles!  So weird.  It doesn't do that when we put bleach in after we fill it.

We started a fire as the evening was nice and watched Big Brother on the laptop with some snacks.  Of course, it took a while for my laptop to update before the browser would even play the show.  Sigh!  It was a nice evening together though.


Tammy said…
Your yard is so cozy!!

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