July 30 . . . a Wednesday (& Windows 10 & Periscope)

I started my day with backing up my computer.  Today is Windows 10 day and they say to back up your computer before you install it.  My computer was extremely slow before I went to bed and this morning and it took forever to even just set up the files for backing up.  Was it downloading Windows in the background?  I did not know what it was doing.  It is usually internet stuff downloading that slows my laptop.

During lunch, Miss Tizzy did her "thang" and went straight out and plopped down to begin her sunning.  She did not care I was home at all, only that she could sun!  lol

I had read on Twitter that you could get Windows 10 directly rather than waiting on your computer to tell you it was ready (as we were told they were doing it in waves).  So I decided to start it on my lunch hour.

While it was upgrading, I decided to test out Periscope and started my first live viewing.  I have been playing with the app learning how to be a viewer, but I had not been live yet.  I have 21 live viewers and it sort of freaked me out!  Wow!  Scary, huh?

It made me turn on location services and told me I could change it later.  Okay.  But then while I was recording someone told me the street I lived on!  Whoa!  I ended up deleting the video.  It was crazy how people were on just watching my laptop update and listening to me talk. 

I did google it and find where I could change the location services.  You cannot turn it off completely, but you can change it so it only shows your general location (city) and not the very street you live on.  I'm okay with that.  The reason for this is that the main way of finding others live is by their map tab.  It is so interesting to click on and watch what people are doing.  I've watched stupid teenagers showing off in the mirror, to someone drawing, to concerts, to someone on vacation showing off a lake sunset.

I saw that some people were watching online and not from the app.  I did not know you could do that!  Ah!  http://www.periscope.com/ , but there is no place to log in.  Periscope is linked directly with your Twitter account.  I cannot figure out how they are watching online if I had not tweeted or shared a link yet. There is this site: http://onperiscope.com/ , so maybe that is where they were watching from.

I put two on Periscope later in the evening.  Mississippi River and Municipal Band.  However, they are only available for 24 hours after viewing.  Maybe I will do more, but you should probably follow me on Twitter to see them: https://twitter.com/HummieIsMe

Yep, ready to install!  This is what you will see!

I did not have time to finish it before I had to go back from lunch, but it was actually installing very quickly.  This is what I saw when I got home.  Yeah!  It only had a few more settings to do after I clicked to log in.

I found Windows 10 to be very user friendly.  I found immediately where to download apps, just as you would download on the phone.  It was having trouble downloading them at first, but I think it must have been the load on the Microsoft store where you get the apps with everyone upgrading.  Late that evening they installed okay.

For those who have smart phones, you will find Windows 10 easy to use.  It is just like your smart phone.  For instance, you can use an app to view Facebook or you can still go to your browser to use Facebook.  

I found the settings to be very user friendly as opposed to those in Windows 7.  I feel like Windows is now in "dummy mode."  lol  (Like that green knob on your camera is called a "dummy mode" for those who don't know how to use the other settings)

After a while, a bunch of apps (22 in this shot) began downloading.  So basic apps did not come with the install, but were downloaded later.

I found I loved the Mail and Calendar app as it worked like my cell phone where it brings all my emails together and it is just a click to get to my calendar. I think I am going to have to finish getting all my emails out of Outlook and stop using it.  Not too long ago I moved my calendar and contacts to an online source.
This is a care basket that the office sent to our co-worker.  I learned today that someone visiting her yesterday thought she looked very frail.  That made me sad.

Right before I went to sleep, I made two windows snap into multitasking by dragging the windows to the corner.

I played with Cortana.  It took me a while to get it to work because my headset was muted.  Ah!  But once I got it to work, it was fun just like Siri.

After the cleaning job, since hubby has his last week on nights, we wanted to spend time together, so we went to the final concert at the Cape Girardeau Band shelter at Capaha Park.  Wow!  I am so impressed at how many people show up for a band concert!  I did a short Periscope while the band was playing selections from Frozen, the movie.  The lady that sang at the end with My Fair Lady selections was amazingly talented.  

Of course, these two girls like to make their appearance known and embarrass us.  Ria won't stop barking at other dogs, so there were at least three barking episodes.  Sigh.  We had gotten Subway for dinner and at it on our blanket.  One time Ria broke free of her harness and ran to another dog.  No problem as they were both friendly to each other, but it was embarrassing.  We really need to get a better harness as this one just does not stay on her well enough.  Somehow she slides out of it.

It was dark by the time we left the band concert.  

We decided to take a walk by the river.  It was actually blocked off for "cleaning" as the wall was recently opened back up.  We were "criminals" and went around the barricades, but apparently there were a lot of other criminals who had gone before us.  The water was SO high!  

I did a Periscope, but there were only 3 viewers.  The moon was brilliant and I knew my camera would not capture what we saw because we could see the "man on the moon" textures.  The bridge and moon on the water is always pretty.

We were so tired by the time we got home and it was rather late.  Dawn wanted to Periscope, so I watched her show me her new table.  It's great to have friends to play with techy new stuff.


brenda said…
did you know you can save your copy of the windows 10 on usb drive. so if you ever need to reprogram your pc like the other windows you had before
Hummie B said…
I didn't know that Brenda. That is very interesting. I will have to look into that.
Tammy said…
I'm glad things installed easily for you!!!

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