July 5 . . . a Sunday

We wondered if it was someone blowing a duck horn, but now that we heard it over and over, all night and all morning, you're convinced there is a real duck or similar animal making noise over at the house next to the campsite.

It rained again last night. It has rained every day and we cannot seem to get away from it. 

For the most part the many campers here were quiet last night. There were a few that had to ruin it for the rest of us.  The camper is directly behind us were setting off fireworks around midnight. It was nice to be able to watch the fireworks from the tent windows, but we really wanted to sleep. We were exhausted. 

There were people awake till almost 2 a.m. making noise. I never understand how people can be so inconsiderate to all the others camping around them in such a close.

We want around 6 a.m. not having slept well. The shower house was a really nice looking building, but it looked like the showers themselves not been maintained in years. They were dirty to me. And hot and sticky and humid. Regardless, I was thankful to have a shower because it makes my day all better.

I have decided to not go see the wild horses. I had read that they were not on the ocean at this time of year but back in the sandy area. There is also the cost factor of about $200. We have somewhere in Missouri where we know wild horses run through the tent site that we want to go to camp in August. I would rather see them naturally for free.

In addition we need to begin heading back toward Missouri  and have to watch our time and think about where we will be staying the next night.

Since it was Sunday, we decided to read a long devotional while laying on the air mattress. It was all about having more of God and less of us. It was rather fitting with how we have had to rely on God during our trip as "gypsy nesters quote to find a place to stay each night. We talked about all the ways God has blessed us during this trip and his perfect timing. It is rained every day, but pushing forward, he has cleared this guys just when we needed it. In addition, this being the Fourth of July weekend, all of the accommodations have been full. However, the rain has kept some people home allowing us a place to stay at the last minute.

A bee had made its way into our tent and hubby took a plastic bag and batted it all over the tent trying to get it to go out. We had a good laugh.
As we were packing up the tent, we had a good laugh about "have you hugged your air mattress today. " daily we have to take more time than anything to get the air out of our mattress.
We were actually hungry for breakfast so as we set out again looking for somewhere to eat. We spotted a restaurant called Stack em High pancakes and the parking lot was packed. That was a clue that the locals loved this place. It looked rundown and old and normally I would never have stopped there. 
Any place with a big sign that says "breakfast "on the side of the building must be a good place for breakfast. We found inside a cafeteria style line where we picked up our extras and drinks on a tray. At the end we ordered and paid and have a seat. We grabbed one of the last seats and the line was long behind us.
I had a tomato and cheese omelette with bacon, and hashbrowns and toast. There was a lot of hashbrowns even hiding under the toast in this photo. It was a huge delicious breakfast. They did not cheat on anything in my omelette as I could not have imagined more tomatoes and bacon inside. The tomatoes were even fresh and juicy. The food came to our table so fast I was surprised. They had some young high school students serving the tables that did a wonderful job. It was a family owned business for 40 years.
I'll be had a short stack of pancakes eggs and sausage and he said it was delicious and the best pancakes he ever ate.
We visited the national Monument where the Wright brothers took the first motorized flight. Inside the museum, we read all the information on the walls. Then listen to the end of the interpretive story in front of the life-size replica of the original plane and the glider. They were built to be working units.
In this picture I'll be is pretending to fly in the hanger replica where the Wright brothers is the plane.
I'll be stood on the spot where the plane first took off from the ground. It was really cool to see the rail in place where the original rail was, the place where the plane first took off from the land, and the floor landing spots of each of the four successful attempts. Each successful attempt went a little bit further.
 Then we walked all the way across the field, the 852 feet to where the fourth successful attempt landed. He was in the air 59 seconds. 
At the top of kill Devil Hill was the huge monument. I did not want to walk up the hill to see the monument but it was cool to see from the bottom of the hill as we drove around it. At the top of this hill was where just a few days earlier they had made an unsuccessful attempt to fly off the hill, and had to repair the plane for two days.
They had a replica behind kill Devil Hill that you could get on, or pretend to be the photographer taking the first famous photo of flight.  This is hubbiy's thing to get out and play. So he got on the airplane next to Wilbur and I took his photo.
We drove to Jockeys Ridge State Park where the tallest sand dune on the east side of the United States is located. We walked up the thing! At first the steep hill to the top of the dune made us think that we were climbing the sand dune. However when we got to the top we realized this was not the tallest do dune, and we were confronted with an amazing sight. The walk up to the tallest dune was not as difficult as the first step one.

At the top of the dune you could see around 360° and see ocean or the sound they almost completely around it. I took some video with my but no photos at the top. I did take photos with my big camera at the top that I will look at when I get home.
Next we decided to visit Jeanettes pier. This pier is the longest pier out into the Atlantic Ocean. For two dollars each we were able to walk to the end of the pier. What a view.

We were in all at the massive amount of people for miles and miles that we could see along the shore. For as far as we could see there were people on the beach. We reflected on how wonderful our beach experience was when we had a very private beach. I do not think I would enjoy a crowded beach experience. There were people and young children far out into the ocean he did not seem to be one bit afraid of the seven recent shark bites in this area. There was so much noise with lots of children screaming and shouting for fun.
We were ready to leave when we realized that there was a deck up on top. It had chairs and tables. We were there by ourselves and we enjoyed the peaceful sounds of the waves. We enjoyed watching the surfers catching the waves. We did not want to leave because this was going to be our last glimpse of the ocean for a while. The ocean had that teal blue green color that we have been missing on the last sunny days. It was gorgeous.

This sign was at the peir in the bathroom. Apparently, the toilet water is recycled on location being clean. So they feel the need to warn people of this drinking and bathing in the toilet. It was in every stall in the men's and women's bathrooms.
We drove 3 1/2 hours, approximately, to the Jordan Lake State Park. We were able to camp at a beautiful forest filled green tree  spot with a view of the lake. We set up our tent and then headed out for some food since we had not eaten since breakfast.
A half-mile from the campsite was a restaurant called The Grill and Go. The "go "part meant it was a drive-through only. I got a turkey club with bacon and thought it was pretty good.
Hubby got a quarter pounder hamburger with bacon, of course. He thought it was also good. I drove across the street to the gas station to fill up and picked up some snacks, including some wine and chips. There were signs all over the park saying that alcohol was prohibited, so we did not give any to the park. lol I liked that alcohol was prohibited Because it meant the drunkards who would normally  stay up all night keeping us up all night would be at a different location, at a campsite far away, we can only hope.

As it was, there was only one other campsite occupied in the loop where we were located, so it was very quiet and peaceful. Yay!

It had rained a little bit on the way to the park, but it was not raining when we set up our tent. God has been really good to us, as it is rained every day and every night of our vacation, but it is never rained when we wanted to do an activity, or when it was time for us to set up tent. God's timing and Grace has been wonderful for us and we are thankful.

This is the first time, however, that the weather apps showed a red area coming our way. After our experience with our tent trying to blow away on the Outer Banks, we were a bit nervous, but not really, as we stalked the radar waiting for the storm to hit. Our tent did not blow at all with the protection of all the green trees. All we heard was the rain on the roof, as we drank our wine and ate or chips and relaxed while laying on the air mattress. We can hear the cicadas in the trees even through the rain.

We are bored with reading vacation brochures. Even though we have them on our tent, we are not reading them. We have one day and one night left before the drive home. They have some ideas of what we want to do, but will bring them together in the morning. 

For now we are enjoying the moment at this campsite. We love having a different view and different experience every night. How boring and non-thrilling to stay in the same place at night after night.

Really reflected on how great it is that each and every person's vacation is different, based on what they like to do. We like nature and slightly thrill seeking and adventures and seeing new things and new views created by God. We like for it to constantly be changing so we can appreciate each and every moment. No theme parks for us, baby. No sitting in one location for days on end. We are on the move and on the view.

We are thankful for tonight we may actually get some good sleep when this rain stops. It is very quiet and peaceful here. Except for the God created cicadas making noise in the night. But hey, it's not much different than the fan I like having blowing in the room for a noise while I sleep. It is a nighttime serenade.


Bev said…
Glad you enjoyed our state. We live in Durham, so when you were at Jordan Lake you were only about 30 minutes from us. We live near Duke University.

At least a shark didn't get you at the beach. Ha ha - except it isn't a laughing matter.

p.s. My husband's people live south and east of Paduach. So we know that I-40 trip well.
Hummie B said…
How fun that you read, Bev! If I had known, I would have met up with you. Paducah is only an hour here. Maybe some day we can do that there.
Tammy said…
You're just having so much fun!!

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