July 7 . . . a Tuesday (links to my vacation blogging)

This is the final post of my blogging our vacation trip. For those interested in reading about our fabulous (my 50th birthday) vacation trip, here are the blogs:
.... and .... today.. July 7 . . .

We got up around 6 a.m. and showered, made tea, ate breakfast at the motel, and debated whether we wanted to see Grandfather Mountain (which seemed commercialized to me) and Blowing Rock.  We decided we were just ready to go home.

From Linville, it was over a 9 hour drive home.  It was a very long, hard drive.  The traffic was terrible the entire way.  Why was the traffic so bad on a Tuesday in the middle of the work day, I asked over and over again.  I could hardly use the cruise control the whole way and there were stupid slow people in the fast lane and stupid fast people on my tail end.  Thank God we got home safely!  I had to hold a tight grip and pay attention every moment.  By the time we got home, I just needed to decompress and hubby unpacked the car.

We had several wrong turns on the way home too, mostly because of hubby giving me bad directions as he was watching the GPS on the phone and I was not.  I got extremely frustrated and vocal a few times.

I was determined to do the difficult turn in Paducah, just an hour away from our home, right, only for hubby to make me turn the wrong way at the last second.  I should have followed my own instincts.  Paducah is an hour from home.  The GPS Siri gave us new directions to turn us around only for us to be caught for a long while with a car being pulled out of the ditch by a tow truck.  Grrrrr!  I was thankful though that the young lady who had gone off into the ditch was okay and tried to keep my mind in perspective.

Every time, on the way there and back, we got out at a gas station or rest area, my legs would not work!  My right knee injury from a few years ago lets me know it is still there.

On the last hour drive home, it rained hard.  Ack!  Well, since it rained every day of our vacation, it sure was fitting for it to finish in the rain (see above photo).

We got home about 5:20 p.m. and the girls (dogs) were very happy to see us.  I fed them dinner.  They seemed much less stressed and distraught as with the last dog sitters.  Our next door neighbors, I could tell, did a wonderful job caring for them and I am extremely thankful for their help.

We had a long time of kisses, petting, and snuggles.  I think they were holding me down as if to say I couldn't go anywhere else.

I took time to finish up my blogging of the trip and to get all the photos off of my Canon camera, Olympus waterproof camera, and my phone.

There were 1,459 photos and videos from the trip!  That will take me some time to go through.  I want to do a video montage of our trip.  It shall be fun to play with my photos.

Hubby ran to the store and picked up some pizzas for the oven.  I was hungry.

Hubby was adding up receipts from our trip.  Yikes! Even doing it the cheap way and camping, I'm afraid to look at our bank account now.  Now we will enter a time of super conservatism so we can re-coup financially from this trip.  But it was worth it!  What a lot of things we did and saw and had some amazing moments to remember forever (especially since I blogged along the way!)

We have several movies we want to watch now to the places we visited, including Dirty Dancing and The Last of the Mohicans, as well as one about the Wright brothers.

If you have been reading our vacation, thank you for sharing our joy with us!  It was joyful!


Tricia Berg said…
Wow, that looks like such a fun trip! Happy Birthday!!
Tammy said…
So glad you had a good time!! Super birthday trip. :) Thanks for sharing!!

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