June 25 . . a Saturday

The I slept in a bit.  Miss Tizzy had tried to wake me several times, even doing the snuggle thing on my face she knows I love just to get me to open my eyes.  It was only temporary though.  I got up around 8:30 and fed the girls and then looked at hubby's laptop and read online.  Apparently he only has Vista on the laptop and I'm not willing to spend money to upgrade it.  You can only get Windows 10 free with Windows 7 or 8.  Sigh.  I keep wanting to sell the laptop, but then again, it works perfectly fine and we can take it to the patio.

Next I spent a few hours doing the my Digital Bible Journaling layout and blogging it and uploading it everywhere.  They day is getting away from me!
I remembered that we had a tent we did not want anymore that we did not think would sell in the middle of winter when we were first cleaning the basement, so hubby set it up so we could take photos of it to try to sell it through Facebook.

The tent is a good tent and it is an instant tent which makes it more expensive, but it does have a tear in the floor and we have electrical tape over it.  I'm not sure it would stay dry, but if you were sure you had a clear forecast, it would make a great tent.  It would be great for children camping in the back yard.  

We used this tent when our boys were little.  It was our first tent.

My day got away from me and time was going quickly.  Hubby went out shopping for a new kiddie pool as ours is loosing air but then didn't buy anything.  Sometimes I just don't get him.  I took a nice relaxing bath.  We intended on getting in a new pool, but that idea was no good anymore.

I made myself get out of the house and go up to work so we could fix my chair.  I had bought the chair myself to avoid chastising from co-workers.  When I got this chair, everyone had much small chairs and I didn't want to ask for a bigger chair only to have gossip about how I was treated differently, so I went out and got my own chair.  Now many other secretaries have larger chairs.

The plastic at the base is cracked, so the bar in the middle has gotten down on the floor and drags on the mat.  I cannot roll the chair and it is driving me crazy!

We knocked the metal bar in the middle back in place with a hammer, but then had to do something to keep it in place.  So, as in this photo, we drilled a hole all the way through the metal bar.

The idea is that the screw head and the bolt on the other side will stop the plastic part from moving.  We shall see!

Now the metal bar in the middle is off the ground and I am so happy!  You can see the way it was cutting the floor mat.  The mat looked much worse before the first time I cleaned it up.

All better and ready for work on Monday!  I really did not want to come to work today, and I had procrastinated it because I anticipated hubby's drama, but it all actually went fairly easily and quickly and I thank God for that.

I found this photo on Facebook of our local cheerleader team and just had to nab it to sharie.  It speaks volumes.  I think about how long it took them to arrange their skin color from lightest to darkest and just the very fact that they spent time comparing each other's skin to set up this photo speaks volumes.  I wish the whole world could appreciate each individual's skin color this way, not being judgmental, but celebrating individuality.

Just a lazy day today, but I am not going to feel guilty about it.


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