Presenting Hummie's World Layout of the Week

(And how about that? Carla got it done ON the due date!)

Course 2 Lesson 102: Photographing the Beach

by Dawn Miller

How pretty. Beach photos are so relaxing and I need me some relaxing. You took a great shot, Dawn, but what I really love about the layout is the composition of the whole page. LOVE the silhouette of "you" taking the pic. Clever way of getting into the layout without being in the photo. (even if it's not you) The mask on the blue paper adds such a ephemeral feeling. The netting is a subtle and completely appropriate accent. Wish I was there!

Congrats Dawn! Click on the photo and leave her some love (and hugs) if you have some time. 

This layout was done for the new Course 2 lesson 102.

Don't forget to visit Hummie's World and create some layouts of your own! There are loads of classes and challenges. Then upload your creations at Hummie's World Flickr group and maybe you'll see your layout featured here on the blog!


Dawn said…
Wow!! Thanks for the kudos!! Very, very much appreciated!!
Maggie Adair said…
So here's something funny. The Class Guide for this class reads " scrabpooking" Now that's a new technique to learn LOL!
Hummie B said…
Maggie, I looked at the class guide and I am not sure what you mean.
It says 102. Using Silhouette Shapes
The "title" of the page that shows in the browser bar is "Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Using Silhouette Shapes" ..... I put the digital scrapbooking first in all of course 2 so that the search engines might categorize it right for searches.

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