Live Bear Cams Catching fish or Serene Beauty Scene

This is just absolutely too cool!  Every year about 100 Alasakan brown bears come to Brooks River in Katmai National Park in Alaska in July and for a few weeks in August to catch salmon.  So, provides live webcams so we can watch.

If you follow on Facebook, you can see some of the more interesting videos captured.

I still think it is cool that when I click to watch I can see the bears.  I thought I might click and see nothing but rushing water. also provide this serene webcam on Dumpling Mountain. What a perfect thing to just sit and gaze at God's beauty for a while.


Tricia Berg said…
Very cool, thanks for sharing!
Tammy said…
Three bears in the water, one on the shore. LOVE it!!!!!

It's raining at Dumpling Mountain so no view right now.

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