NEW SCRAPLIFT #27 ! What's Miss Tizzy compared to Dora the Explorer

Miss Tizzy Explorer
I decided to enjoy myself this morning and "just scrap."  I did scraplift this off of a layout I saved on Pinterest.  OUR NEXT SCRAPLIFT #27 !

Hubby inspired the title last night while we were working the flower garden...Dora Explorer ain't got nothing on Miss Tizzy!  Sometimes it is hard to find Miss Tizzy outside as she disappears when she explores (which a hidden Tizzy would not have made a good layout, so we have her behind showing instead).  Ria just waits and watches to see what Miss Tizzy finds.  It's a good thing she responds when we call her or we'd be playing hide and seek all the time


AMarie T said…
I did it. Here is my page
Thanks, I enjoyed doing that.
Hummie B said…
Yeah you! Without you, sometimes no one would do my challenges and I appreciate you. This is an awesome scraplift too! I like the placement of the green leaves.

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