Sway by Microsoft | I made my first Sway!

I logged into live.com to go to my OneNote and spotted something new called Sway.

Here is a video playlist for you to watch if you want to learn more about it, like me.

This is the first video "What is Sway."

From my first preview, it seems to me to be an application to create webpages, but they are calling them "presentations."  I think it is more like a web-based power point purpose application.

Here is Sway Faq page.  Apparently it launched last October and I've been hiding under a log!  I think I am up on all things techy, but apparently not.

You do not have to go to live.com to get to Sway.  You can go directly to https://sway.com and log in with your Microsoft account.  It is free.

So I decided to try to make a quick Sway, just to play.  You know how I like to play!

I re-titled the first block and then clicked on the image placement.  It opened up a sidebar with quite a few options for adding images.  That sure made me happy.

Since I use Flickr a lot, I decided to connect that account.  Things seemed a little slow, but I was patient.

Of course, I have to try everything without watching tutorials!  I did find that control z worked when I did not like the change while I was playing.

I tried adding a video.  I clicked the YouTube resource, but then had to go to YouTube to the video and get the link to paste into the search box which brought up the video for adding.  It did not link to my YouTube account as Flickr did.

Here is my first sway!  Click here.  I suppose I only played for 5 or 10 minutes, so if I played more, I'd have more success.  As with anything, there is a learning curve, but this does seem to be fairly intuitive and easy to learn.

The sections are called "cards."

Do I need it?  Not really as I have my own website and blog to keep using, but for someone without another option, just to share a vacation trip or something, I can see it being something fun to create with.

There are privacy options available, as well as sharing options.

I like the "remix" button too which gives you a different background and layout with each hit to choose the one you like best without creating your own.


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