What is Your Destination?

A speed boat set out from one region of the country to another. The sea was turbulent, the storm raging. Those on board the boat were afraid but only the captain was calm. One man being a Christian wondered why,in the midst of all the turbulence, the captain was calm so he went ahead and asked him. "We are all troubled, but you are calm, why is this?"

The captain answered "My destination is the port we are going, not the troubled sea". That was what he was looking forward to. What are you looking at? Are you looking up to Jesus or at the storms of life? Are you looking forward to your prize in heaven or looking at the everyday turbulence of life?

Author Unknown


IJ said…
True, hummie, we must know our destination especially when we are faced with life's problems. we ought not think of the problems but rather look at the solution Jesus Christ.

I must say I value all the support you are giving to my blog as You know am an African and i have encountered alot of strange treatment while blogging,I know that God doesn't care whether we are black or white.
i would sincerely love to hear your comments every now and again.
Godbless You.
IJ said…
thanks hummie,
I get the pics from A bible software. as for going to Isreal by God's Grace, ll be going by the end of the year for pilgrimage.
when I get there I ll also bring more pics and fun stuff to share with you in Jesus Mighty name. My auntie just came back from 4mths ago, so its my turn to go now.
when am going ll definitely let you know.
thanks for the encouragement one thing I know is that God ll never leave me nor forsake me. like my mum always says... whatever you think people are doing to you remember they did it To Jesus and He still forgave them. so am not touched at all, I only thought I should let you know.
thanks for the visit i added your blod to my favourite even before I registered at blogcatalog.

thanks once again.

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