Aug 2 . . a Sunday

I'm feeling a little sunburned today, but then again, not really.  I'm not sure how I got so much sun and hubby did not.  I cannot decide if it is really burnt or if it is just red because I have indian in me.  

Hubby and I did not feel like doing anything, but did not want to just sit there either.  So I kept thinking on the many different things we have talked about doing.

One thing was this newsprint paper roll that my uncle gave me.  He gave me a lot of his genealogy stuff.  He'd always talked about this roll of paper and how he had done the genealogy tree on it and how long it was.  I did not want to keep the whole big heavy roll, but rather the part he had done only, but we we unrolled it, there was only a small section done.  What!  How many times has he talked about how cool it was all the work he had done and then there was only this much on it.

We took it to the driveway and unrolled it quite a ways and there was still nothing more on it.  I'm sure all the neighbors were looking inquisitively at us rolling this paper down the driveway.  

I guess he thought about doing it and got started, but never finished, but because he thought of doing it, it must have been done in his mind.

We are donating the paper to church.  Maybe the children can use it for murals or crafts or maybe they can use it for presentations.

We also got out two old camp stoves and reviewed them.  They were my parents and used when I was a child and now considered antique.  One is on sale on ebay anywhere from $70 to $200.  Wow!  It is from the 1960's.  I doubt unless I sell it on ebay that I can get that much money for it.

We sold the tent yesterday and stuck it in an envelope.  It is beginning the "new laptop fund."  We are going to keep trying to sell things to buy a second laptop for me.  I want one that can replace my old laptop and my iPad and to have just one extra device other than my main laptop.

I read a book for a while that I found that my son and daughter-in-law had given us.  It had a cute sticker on the front.  I guess we got it around their wedding time.

Then I decided impromptu to call our son to see what he was doing.  He wasn't doing anything!  Whoo hooo!  

We went out to eat with him.  Hubby and I split a meal.  These meals at restaurants are huge!  I really enjoyed the roasted vegetables that I added as an extra side though (had a side salad too).  I hardly ate any of the rest of it and we took a lot home.  Hubby will have dinner tomorrow for work.

We had a lot to talk about since our son had been gone nearly three weeks at guard duty.  I'm still baffled as to why his roommates wouldn't bother to mow his lawn for him while he's off doing "serving country" things.  He talked about how bad it was when he got home.

Then our son rented a movie and came to our house to watch it with us.  It was much too hot outside to do anything outdoors.

I was really glad that we were both available to hang out together.


Tammy said…
That is too funny about the paper roll!

Glad you got to spend time with your son! :)

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