Aug 3 . . . a Monday

Hubby returns to regular schedule and life should get back to normal.

I'm feeling a bit down the last few days.  I know it is time to get back to working on stuff with the site because schedule and that I should have more time, but the thought of doing things for people and so few actually using it brings thoughts of the past, as well as a tough time motivating myself, making me depressed.  I usually delete things when I'm depressed, like posts on Facebook.  I deleted all the emails within Mailchimp and paused the emails.  There is less than 400 subscribed and 99 of them had not opened one of the last 50 emails.  I may do something different for a while, such as manual emails.  We'll see.

Do you ever feel like your mind is a warzone?

I spent some time teaching him how to post onto Facebook to sell items.  We discussed the various items that we could sell and prices.  It is time consuming to get rid of things.

Lunch together was a bit odd as we do not have anything defrosted and I am running out of fresh veggies.  I had a corn on the cob and a salad. He had a sandwich.

After work I worked for over an hour at my son's house in the yard.  It has gotten neglected.  He did not like the way the sage had spilled over into his patio area, so we cut this huge bag of it.  My whole care smelled of it!  I know some people would have paid money for this much sage.  I felt like I was wasting it.

My son helped me work on his yard and we got a lot of trimming done and weeding.  We filled two of these bags and left a huge pile in his front yard for hubby to come to get tomorrow to haul off.
I was sweating as it sure was hot.

Then there was the cleaning job.

It was late by the time I got home and I watched some t.v. after I made some tea.  My feet were hurting.

Miss Tizzy cracked me up.  Can you find the doggy?  I think she needs just a little bigger blanket, don't you?


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