Aug 30 . . a Sunday

I went to bed around 2 a.m. and then awoke during the 5 o'clock hour for about 45 minutes of ugly tummy time in the bathroom.  It was not pretty.  At one point the girls demanded to be let outside and I felt really dizzy and like I wanted to throw up while going to the door.  Hubby slept through the whole thing.

Because of my tummy troubles, I woke again at 9:14 a.m.  Oops!  I was going to go to church.  I cannot get there in 1 minute.  So when hubby woke around 9:40, we got in gear and got there in time for the late service.  The music director is leaving and they had a reception for him.  During the service they laid hands on him and prayed over him.  God was in the house!

Before church hubby's cousin "came out" on Facebook that she was "pagan."  I continued the conversation from my phone during church.  I told her that I would not hate her, that I am suppose to love her and not judge her, and that she knew where I was at if she ever changed her mind.  Then it turned out the sermon was related to reaching out to people, to just being their friend and waiting for timing, and I was amazed that God confirmed my choice so quickly.

For lunch we made a fritta together.  We used the ground beef that we did not use from yesterday's spaghetti and bacon and onions.  I would have added more veggies, but hubby does not like them.

So I cut up a tomato and it was a good one!  Nice and juicy and yummy.  We did not eat it all at first, but the more we sat there, the more we ate, until we ate it all gone!  Well, it was only 6 eggs, so that really is only 2 eggs each, but it just seemed like so much.  We really enjoyed it.  Well, all that fattening cheese we enjoyed!

I worked on a layout for a while in preparation for the next video while I was waiting our son to text back.  Around 3 o'clock we headed to his house, but spied some new neighbors moving in, so we impromptu stopped.  I guess someone bought the house to rent it, since these were new renters. They are a nice young black couple with two children and the wife's parents were there too. We seemed to get along rather well and her parents were thankful and said they felt better knowing we were near.  Hubby ended up giving him his guitar!  I was shocked!  

This photo is my cleaning bucket at my son's house.  We cleaned the outdoor table and put on the tablecloth to protect the table we had given him.  Then we worked on cleaning his windows over the kitchen counter and in the basement.  The sliding doors were horrible when he moved in and no one had ever cleaned them since he moved in two years ago.  The previous owner had a fire pit right outside the sliding doors and, unfortunately, the smoke was permanently between the two panes of glass on the door windows.  

We found a pile of junk laying behind the house from the roommate that had just moved out.  Why do people leave stuff like this for others to deal with?  It was so stinky that hubby drove it straight to the dump.


Tammy said…
Isn't it amazing how God works?!

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