Aug 31 . . . a Monday

Hello Monday!  You seem to come around so quickly.

Not having slept the past two days, I finally got some sleep and I am so thankful.

I started the day working on the layout I tried to finish last night, but was just too tired.  I decided to keep the original and tweak it a little bit.

Hubby and I had leftover spaghetti for lunch.  See, we got three meals out of one pound of hamburger meat.  I bet we could get four.  It made for an easy lunch.

I managed to record the video after work, then I went to do the cleaning job.

What I really want to be doing is enjoying the nice weather outside, but I'm motivated, so I'm going with the flow.

After the cleaning job, I got the video up and blogged and shared.

I cannot believe I did not take any photos today.


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