Aug 4 . . . a Tuesday

When I woke up, finally, my lock screen had changed.  Actually, I had been awake for nearly an hour and was scrolling on my phone in bed, so actually, when I finally turned on my computer.  I got the settings to work last night.

I tried pushing myself to finish the template.  I managed to get the rectangle one done and convert them to .tiff, but was mainly spending most of my time trying to fix the printer settings.  Since Windows 10, I've been getting error messages.  I don't have time for this stuff!  I get so tired of it.  I went around and around, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, running repair programs, but I think I may have finally gotten it set up.  We'll see.  At least a print came out of my printer.

When I left for work, my car still smelled of sage.

Hubby sold our pool and our old air mattresses.  Now my "new laptop fund" is up to $85.  It's a start!  I think I have one of the 1960's Coleman stoves sold, if the sale goes through as planned later this week.

Hubby made some ground beef for tacos for lunch, but I had no tomatoes.  The man just does not understand how a taco isn't a taco without tomatoes!  lol  And cheese!  We were almost out of cheese!  We made do, nonetheless.

After I returned from lunch, hubby had gotten the mail and our camping refund was there!  Wow!  Unbelievable!  Let's hope it clears the bank.  You can see what I replied to hubby above.  When I showed it to a co-worker, she said the same thing and then I showed her what I had said and we had a good laugh.  So this saga will finally be coming to a close soon.  I need to notify the bank dispute department.  I may finish the graphic I started just to show you all anyway.

So evening came and evening went.

You don’t have to appear wounded on the outside to actually be wounded on the inside.  I refuse to be in a permanent state of wounded.  I refuse to let others see.  I like being happy.  I like spreading smiles.  I am naturally optimistic, but some days it just gets defeated for a little while.


Tammy said…
So glad you got your refund. Hope the check is good!!!

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