Aug 9 . . . a Sunday

I woke up around 5 a.m. and it sounded like it was raining, but after we got up, we were not sure if it had rained or if it was just dew from the trees.  The radar did not show anything.

I let hubby sleep.  When he is tired, he is grumpy, and I'd rather let Your Grumpiness sleep than endure his attitude.  On the other hand, it frustrates me when half the day gets wasted, but I try to remain positive.

This is the girls, waiting on Dad to get their breakfast ready.  I thought it was so cute that they poked their way through the zipper to peek out.  I think if I would have let them they would have pushed their way on out.
The girls had breakfast and it was well after 9 a.m., pushing 10 a.m., so I am sure they were very hungry.  Hubby and I had intended on eating bacon and eggs, but decided to skip since it was so late in the morning and we were planning a picnic by the water for lunch.  Plus, I really did not want to hear him go on and on about too much food again.

We drove up to the showers.  I was able to take the dogs in (shhhh) and hook their leash to the clothing hook.  The showers were a bit nasty, just like the bathrooms back at camp.  It is like they have not painted them or done anything but must-do maintenance since 1970.  Still, the toilets were clean enough and flush-able.  In the shower stall, I found the shower nozzle had electrical tape around it as if to either hold it into the wall or to stop water from shooting out of places it had rusted in the pipe.  The sign on the road said "hot showers, but there was nothing but cold water.  Not a great way for me to start my day.  The water sprayed every which way and was only on for a few minutes after I pressed the button.  

Since there was no one in the shower house, I decided to try the stall next to the one I was in to see if for some odd reason it might get hot water.  Nope!  Not only that, it never turned off and there was no way to turn it off!  Ack!  I took a quick shower and then went back to the first stall to try to dry off, but the water from the second stall was hitting the floor so hard it was spraying up into the first stall.  Oh my!  I packed up everything, leaving the shower running, and went over to the toilet and sink area to get dressed.  Fortunately, only one lady came in to spy me naked and I'll never see her again in my life.  She told me that normally the showers are hot and that a mechanic was there yesterday. Apparently he did not get it working.  Apparently he does not know how to fix anything by the way he put electrical tape on the shower heads.  I was dressed and drying my hair before the water in the second stall went off.  Crazy!

We went back to camp for a few minutes and then decided to head on up to the main area of the park to have a romantic picnic lunch. I had been dreaming of laying lazy at the water for a long time now and even just reading or  However, when we got there, we found there were so many gnats, even ones flying right into our eyes, that we could not even stand there, much less put a blanket down and try to eat.  I was a little muffed because if we had gotten there early as I had dreamed, it might have been different.  We walked around to the spring and took some "29th anniversary" photos so I could at least put something up on Facebook.   There is no cell service at the spring, which is only a mile or so from camp, so I had to wait until later to post it.

I did not get my big camera out as I've photographed this before, but it is always enjoyable every time I see it, nonetheless.

We drove to the end of the street and parked closer to the bridge, hoping that we could find a spot to picnic with gnats.  This spot had less gnats, but there was still those flying about.  We found if we laid down flat the gnats would fly overhead and not attack us.  Uh?  So they do not go below a certain level or cannot see down and only straight in front of them?  I was curious.  Before we sat down, we took a walk all the way down following the river.  We found it came out below the lodge where you could see where it ran into the Current River.  I always wondered where the two joined.  Now I know!  The dock there was just as bad as the bathroom.  It was too icky to even try to sit down on the benches.  I know the cabins and the lodge are closed for remodeling, so I can only hope they will get to the rest of the facilities.  The park and camping areas itself are beautiful.  It is just the facilities that need updating badly.

This is our view as we ate lunch.  The girls were exhausted and drank a lot of water.  We had scoped out a place and then went back to the car to fix sandwiches, and then came back.  It was hard to relax though and I was sorely disappointed that my dream of a romantic picnic was absurdly dashed by gnats and high temperatures.  I guess I should dream unrealistically.

Then my dreams were further dashed by this little guy.  Out of no where, while trying to relax on the blanket, this thing suddenly started crawling on my neck.  After I brushed it away, it made the move fast across the grass.  We decided it was time to leave.

We peeled off our clothes from our sweaty skin and peeled on our half-wet swimsuits and headed to the river.  Ria and Tizzy were exhausted and behaved better having come to a familiar spot, as long as we were close, of course.  But when hubby tried to go up stream to float for a short distance, Ria got her whining on!  So I told hubby to walk her up and down the current to get her really exhausted.

One time, he tried holding onto the lease while floating down, but Ria, instead of running along with him down the island, tried to pull backwards to pull him out.  So we learn that Ria is concerned for hubby and wanting to rescue him, not that she is afraid of getting too far from us, but afraid for his well being.  Goodness, girlfriend Ria!

The tree where we put our chairs was gnarly.  Yeah.  Gnarly is a good word.  We did not sit in the chairs much as we sat right in the middle of the current and enjoyed ourselves, with the girls being good staked down behind our chairs.

At one point, Miss Tizzy got up and laid down on the edge of the water and we were excited that she actually was okay with the water.  They have always hated the water.  She must be learning that the water makes her cool and actually feels good.  Of course, since they are on a dual leash, Ria being bigger, pulled her from her resting place.  That's when I unleashed her to give her a break from her annoying sister because Miss Tizzy was obviously needing a nap.
After walking Ria up and down the current, Miss Tizzy had to come see the excitement, so I was holding her while Ria got her walking.  Then the girls moved to the other side of the current onto the island.  We had a memorable silly moment right after this photo.  We were shocked to see Miss Tizzy get up and go out into the water.  Wow!  She isn't so scared of the water anymore as this is the second time she went in voluntarily!  Then, to our surprise, right after I snapped this photo, she turned around and poo'd!  We watched the poo float downstream and she got back out of the water.  We are still laughing at how she thought the water was the place to poo!

We moved our chairs to the other side of the island (not on the little current inlet) and put the girls on the chair as we went out into the water.  They were finally so exhausted they did not care and Miss Tizzy even took a nap.  It was so cute and we were glad for the break.
Then Miss Tizzy surprised us as she got out of the chair and walked across the water (getting in the water for the third time voluntarily) and went over to flatten our cooler bag (that had my phone, keys, and camera in it) to use it as a bed.  She was sooooo tired!
Hubby's favorite thing to do is to put his head down in the water and float while he holds his breath, coming up before he goes too far.  Here he is coming up. This ended our quiet time with Ria on the chair.
As hubby went up stream a bit, Ria started making the ruckus, so hubby brought Ria to me (while Miss Tizzy was still on the bag on the island).  Then when hubby got close to me, Ria would swim out toward him in an attempt to save him!  Little does she know that she isn't floating away to her death only because I have a hold of her leash.  It is a good thing the harness did not come off as she has wriggled out of it before.  She even scratched hubby one time trying to get to him.

Of course, Miss Tizzy wants to know what all the excitement is about and she gets up and wades back out to the chairs which about freaks me out because this current is super strong, even for us, and she could have easily floated away had she come out too far.
So, dogs back in laps, we did this.  Yep.  What we do best.  They are content.  We are content.
The family with children finally left the area and it was finally quite too.

This is river wallowing at it's best!  My favorite thing to do!

Miss Tizzy agrees.  She's comfortable in my lap, unaware that the slightest move could send her floating down river, and she just looks around in her inquisitive adventurer self curious about the fish jumping out of the water, the birds in the air, and anything else that moves.

This is a look downstream from where I sit.  The river is really high.  No motor boats have come by in a while, although they had been for the past two days and we enjoyed the waves made by them.

This is a look upstream from where I sit.  The sky and treeline are beautiful.

We stayed until the sun had gone down behind the trees downstream, until about 8 p.m.

It was nice to finally be enjoying ourselves and not be fussing anymore.  It took us long enough to get there.

I had always had an idea to see the spring late at night and early in the morning to get different photos.  We decided we were not hungry and went to the spring.  It was gorgeous and the gnats were gone, so we put down our blanket and I snapped away with the camera.  The mist rising above the water was beautiful.

Hubby agreed to set the alarm for early and come back in the morning while the rising sun would put a different light on the water.

Hopefully, there will be no people around.  We were surprised at dusk there were still people hanging around.
We decided to take turns getting in the water with our feet.  There are signs all around saying 'no swimming,' but all day we saw people sticking their hands and feet in and we've never done that.

This is my feet going in.  You can see we did not disobey too much.  We stood there long enough for a photo and got out.  Whew, was that water cold!  No wonder there was a mist.  (I peaked online and it said 58 degrees Fahrenheit.) 
We had an enjoyable time.  The girls were even good and seemed to enjoy the cool air coming from the spring.

The mist continued to thicken as we took a walk around to the other side where the spring comes out.

Yep, less color without sunlight, but always something I can watch for a while.
This is our blanket as we walked back around.  The mist was beginning to envelope it.  Hubby actually said something positive in that he said I had a great idea to come here tonight.   Aww, so he can be positive!
As we drove back to camp, there were about 20 deer in the field!  Wow!  What a site to see!  I counted 18, but hubby said he saw one more, and we probably missed a few that had already wandered through, so I rounded it to 20.  What an amazing site!

Hubby tried to get a fire going back at camp, but it went for a bit and then fizzled out.  I don't think either of us wanted to work hard at it.  We sat in our chairs for a while and then went to bed.  I know the girls are exhausted and I'm a little worried for them.

And that as our 29th anniversary celebration.

I wanted something relaxing without all the tourist-y travel stuff, so we went to a location we had been to before.  Somehow, I don't feel relaxed, but rather exhausted!


Tammy said…
Sounds like an wonderful day!! Happy Anniversary!!!!
Hummie B said…
Thanks for reading and the happy wishes!

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