August 1 . . . a Saturday

I decided to try the self-cleaning feature of our new oven since we had not cleaned it since we got it in December.  What!??? It made it look dirty!  This grease was not on the glass window before.  I guess "self-cleaning" means "clean it yourself!"  Or at least it means "clean it before you self-clean it" like a dishwasher.  This is why we don't have a dishwasher.  What's the point?

We had decided to go to our favorite wallowing place in Marquand and forgot to eat before we left, so we stopped in a small store that had food and got some sandwiches.  The price was great and the food was good.  The meat and cheese were carved as we stood there.  It made me want one of these shops in Cape.  I bet it would do good business.

We decided to rent some tubes and float.  It was a 3 mile trip and was supposed to take us only 2 hours or more if we got out and enjoyed different areas.

It ended up taking us 4 1/2 hours and we only got out once!  There were a lot of areas where the water was stagnant and our tubes did not move.  We found ourselves walking a lot.  A few areas the water was so deep we had to kick to move.  Sometimes we put the tubes around our waste as walked and sometimes hubby just pushed me in the tube.
This is the spot where we got out once.

I have to say, it was an enjoyable trip regardless of the walking and the parts with the rapids were fun and there were a lot of those parts too.  However, it was hubby who made it difficult for me to rest and relax and enjoy it.   He stresses about everything and would not stop shouting out warnings of this or that along the way.  And he does not say it once, but over and over, as if he is afraid.  He has this bad habit about everything everywhere all the time.  I get so tired of the negativity.  I cannot even do the simplest things without him warning me to be careful.  I'm talking about everyday routine things that even a ten year old would not need to be warned about.  It drives me crazy!

So I challenge him to try not to speak at all and then he was hand-motioning all the time!  Ack!  At least I felt like I was teaching him how to relax and be calm and not panic over everything.  Of course, he doesn't see it as panicking or even stressing.  Of course, he sees that he does nothing wrong and doesn't really care how much it drives me nuts.  I'm a very quiet person and he is a very vocal person.  Of course, when I need to speak, I am more vocal and adamant than him, but he just rambles constantly.  

We we got to the end, we decided to wall for a while.  This plant was fighting to stay upright in the current and there was a dragonfly that was dancing with it.  I kept watching it forever and ever.  I think there is an analogy in it as the plant was fighting through all the troubles in life, but the dragonfly was telling it to dance anyway and play, even during your troubles.  I took a video of it and if I ever have time, it would be fun to make a video with text.

This is our wallowing until about 6:30 p.m.

Then, as always, we went to the local winery.  There was a guy playing the horn and he was so good and it felt like romantic music.  I think our chatting with him made him smile and we even got up and danced after our dinner was over.

I started with the salad.

We got this bread and cheese as an appetizer.

We split a meal of steak and fries and green beans.  The sauce was really good.  They said it was horseradish, but I don't believe them.  It had to be some sort of fruit as it was rather sweet.  I spread it on my steak.

Then we went to visit Aunt Elaine.  She amazes me as she lives as she grew up.  Here it is the middle of summer and hot and humid and she has her air conditioner off and is hanging on her front porch.  Someone at the winery had said when she passed by earlier she was just fiddling with her plants sitting on her front porch and when we arrived, she was walking around on her front porch.  She talked about how when she went to bed, she would turn on the window air conditioner, but otherwise, she stayed on her porch where it was cooler during the day.  I can picture in my head the house she grew up in and the family hanging on the front porch during the summer.  It was a small house, just like the one she is living in now.  Hubby did say when she was married she had central air and when I first met her she was living above a funeral home that had central air.  However, I guess one might deduce that folks tend to return to their roots.

I could not get a photo of it, but I saw someone else take one and share online, the amazing, totally amazing moon.  It was huge and orange.  It does not look huge in this cell phone shot, but I promise you, it was!

Here's his photo.  I wish I had a lens like that!  But this was as I saw it and I could hardly keep my eyes on the road as I kept staring at the moon.  That moon could have caused an accident!


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