August 10 . . . a Monday

This is what we woke up to at 2 a.m.  Sigh.  When did the forecast change?  Oh wait, maybe I did not read it past the weekend!  Look at that line of red storms coming at us!  Us in a tent!  Not that we haven't laid in a tent with this on the radar recently and been okay, but still.

Hubby got up and went to throw everything on and around the table into the car so it would not blow away.

There were branches that cracked and hit the ground.  I thought they were at the next campsite, but when we woke in the morning, we discovered they were just a few feet from where our head laid.  Yowza!  Thank God we were safe.

Otherwise, I eventually tried to go back to sleep, hoping and dreaming of my time at the springs in the morning as we had planned, hoping the sun would be out and the storms would be past.

I noted how our tent did not seem to blow at all (unlike what it did on the outer banks, even when the red radar was not upon us) and yet we could hear the wind swaying the trees and rustling through the leaves.  I guess all the trees really did make a great wind block, with the wind only getting through the tops of them.

So much for another good night's sleep, huh?  Seems to be the theme of our tent camping this year.  Put up tent, storm will come.

And as I took this photo, the theme of my scrapbooking layout came together as
"the best laid plains lay in a tent."


The rain kept coming and there was more behind it.  So during a break, we threw everything in the car and took off around 7:30 a.m.  We stopped at McDonald's to pee and grab some breakfast.  We were home by 9:30 a.m.  The girls hit the water bowl fast.  They were thirsty as they had not drank since the not before, although we gave them dog food in the car (and Tizzy would not eat much).

The rest of the day was a wash -- pun intended!

We had to unpack and wash things and then wash ourselves.  I took a nice hot bath.

We always clean everything and repack it before we put it away.  I slowed hubby down as he was driving me batty.  He tend to just put it all away without first cleaning and restocking and then tells me, just like a kid, that he did it.  I'll never understand why he does that or why he feels the need to get it all done in such a hurry.  However, since we may not get it all out again until next year, I want to make sure it is done right this time.  We spent a while getting mold and stains off the air mattress, which he had promised me every other time that he had cleaned, which I knew that he had not.  Of course, he claims he cannot get it off, but I got it off.  It's like watching a child every time knowing they are going to, well, you know, that saying my Dad always said, "if you aren't going to do something right, don't do it at all."

We did a lot of t.v. watching and just sitting around too.

I did work on my Windows 10 for a while to no avail.  It is frustrating me.  I see other people online with the same problems as me and yet I cannot seem to get it fixed.  The apps are not downloading in the Windows store.  That is why my mail app, I figured out, is not working, because it is stuck in "pending" on the download.  There seems to be no real answer and anything I tried didn't work and I say to myself "why do I have to waste my time doing this?"

I tried to import my photos too, only to find out the feature I had found before for downloading was now gone!  What!  Gone with the last update?  So I spent time learning Bridge and how to import through it and use it as a picture viewer because I was also having problems just viewing in the Windows photo app.  It was stretching the photos! What!  I don't like how it zooms either.  Before I could zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.  Now I have to hit a button to scroll and I cannot even go to the next photo without clicking the button to zoom out first to find the next button.  How long have they been doing these things and yet these simple features do not work?  I got so frustrated I just wanted to throw my hands up and quit, but I kept pushing trying to do what I wanted to do in Bridge instead.  I have the program and I now I like it, but it is time I guess to get accustomed to it.

Good night and out!


Tammy said…
Glad you both were safe through the storm.

Software. Grr.

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