August 11 . . . a Tuesday

Hubby sent me this photo of some of our Hosta flowers that look so beautiful in the morning sun.

The girls had a vet appointment and hubby took them and I told him I needed photos for blogging and this is what he sent me.  You see they are not posed all cute.  That's a mamma thing.  

Miss Tizzy weighed 8.3 pounds!  Wow!  She still needs to diet as she's got those fat rolls.  We need to get onto it and help her out.

Ria is right on target on her weight of 20.5 pounds.  Good job Ria.

Hubby sent this photo, being bored as he had to wait a while.  All they were getting was heart worm shots and then I learn they did some sort of blood work test and the bill was $140!  What!  We really have a problem, houston!  Our bank account cannot handle you!  I just have to talk to them next time about all these things they do.  They don't need these tests and we don't need to pay for them.

After work, I had a free evening and was determined to be productive, but then couldn't make myself do too much.  Sigh.  I just kept reading things online and blogging and answering emails until I finally found the emails about the new devotions by Pastor Phil.  Reading those two days and blogging answers took a while.  I did enjoy my time doing that, although it did not feel productive.

I tried to watch So You Think You Can Dance and there was some good dances this week, but I kept having to rewind to make myself pay attention.

Finally, around 10 p.m. I got the gumption and started working on an upcoming project that Tara and I are working on behind the scenes.  This is my "play"results.  It is actually prep work for some hopefully upcoming videos.  Prep work always takes more time than anyone imagines.  I did enjoy my time and I am happy that Tara and I seem to be motivating each other and she is a blessing to me to help me out of this funk I seem to be in that I cannot get out of.

I did not go to bed until about midnight because once I got started working on it, I couldn't stop.


Tammy said…
Beautiful flowers.

It's always cool when the men in our life take photos for us! Even if they aren't the way we'd do them. :)

Looking forward to seeing what you're working on.

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