August 12 . . . a Wednesday

Having gone to bed at midnight and then waking up around 3 a.m. with several trips to the bathroom with tummy troubles (yes, I'm alright, it was just that cleaning out thing), as well as managing Windows updates, I was tired when I woke up.  I woke up to Ria laying there on Miss Tizzy's bed like it was a pillow and the covers pulled up to her shoulders, like she was a human.  It was so adorable.  She does that from time to time.  I could not get rolling.  I managed to read some emails and answer them.
More surprise lilies are blooming and they are so pretty.  They are usually much more prolific though, with rows of them here and there.  However, they are very spotty right now. I wonder if the others will bloom yet.

I had lunch phone duty today.

We had lunch on the patio.  It is cooling down to the upper 80's the last few days and I feel like we can finally sit on the patio again.  I had roast beef and provolone sandwich with au jus (we shared this bowl in the photo, ah!) and a green pepper.  It was yummy!

The table and chairs and whatnot outside on the patio are in need of a good cleaning or at least a good wipe down.  This is what happens when we vacation a lot and do not go outdoors much.  It all need tidying up everywhere.
After work, I still felt in a rut and all I managed to do was to help out in the Facebook group, install Photoshop Elements 11 on my hard drive (since I had not done it since my hard drive crash), and go and do my cleaning job.  I also did another blog post about the James devotion which did take me a while to write.  I think it feels good to just spend time writing.

It was late by the time I went outside to test the new app I had bought for 99 cents.  Since the Google Sky app is not on the iPhone, I had to find a substitute.  I must admit that this app is pretty exciting and fun!

I found Perseus which is where the news was saying the Perseid meteor shower was going to be just above. 

Immediately I saw my first shooting star!  Wow!

Now, I know I am 50 years old and I know I've tried to see a shoot stars before, but I'm not sure why I've never seen one.  I think I tried numerous times while the boys were little, but there was always at least one of them who just wanted to sleep, so I was stuck staying at the house and the yard was like a forest.  We have cut down a lot of tree since those years and we now have a little clearing in our front yard.  However, I was looking right into a street light!  Plus there were the trees across the street and I could only see the top part of Perseus.

I found the moon, sun, and Jupiter when I pointed the app to the ground.  That was rather cool to be able to see even what was on the other side of the earth.  It really brings things to life and makes science so realistic and easy to understand.  With no moon on this side of the earth, the stars were so easy to see even in the middle of town.  

Hubby got home around midnight from work.  

We drove to find somewhere without the city lights.  Hubby was certain the county park would be good, so I went so he could see I was right rather than heading towards my idea.  Then I thought of another idea on a nearby county road and we were able to find a street without anything on it that was just a dead end and field on either side.  There was a bright light beam to the one side where we could hear the highway which was annoying and right where the app said Perseus was located, but otherwise, the view on all other sides was great.  We stood by the car, and I sat for a while, and we saw numerous shooting stars.  It was rather a romantic kind of moment.

We drove a little more down the road to see if we could get away from that beam of light and pulled into someone's gravel drive.  We had power lines above us and then a cat came out into the middle of the county road stalking us as if to pounce on us any minute.  We saw maybe one or two more and headed home.

At home we laid in the driveway and we saw one more huge one, but then not anymore again.  You can see our street light view in this photo.

I tried to see the NASA view that was in every article online as something to see, but it was just after 2 a.m. and they finished at 1 a.m. eastern time.  They were replaying it, but it was just people talking and seeing the astronauts talking in outer space.

I went to bed around 2:30 a.m.


Tammy said…
How cool that you got to see your first shooting star!!! I enjoyed lying out in my yard watching them. :)

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