August 16 . . . a Sunday

I felt bad not going to church today.  I had intended on it, but when I'm awake and hubby is sound asleep in bed, I have trouble waking him.  It's like a sentencing for a bad day to wake him.  He requires so much more sleep than I do and to wake him just sets us up for a grumpy day.

I uploaded my Template Set 21 finally into the store and blogged it.  It felt good to break through that barrier and get it off my desktop.

Then I had to go back and edit the first 20 sets to reflect the new guide url's in the descriptions of the templates.  See, doing one thing always requires so much time and effort to change it everywhere else.  Sigh.

My laptop is beside my bed and Miss Tizzy knows exactly how to get my attention diverted from the laptop.  She has a spot she climbs into where she sits on the bed between me and my laptop and snuggles her head into my tummy.  She is careful not to get in my view of my screen as she knows that brings growls from me and I end up moving her.  Of course, she's so cute and adorable and snuggly that it doesn't really matter whether or not I can see the screen because I have to halt everything and put both hands on her and pet her all over.  I love these little moments with Miss Tizzy.

Of course, if I take too long at my computer, she also lets me know that!  She gets in the same spot and sits up so I cannot see or work on my laptop.  Mom, you've been here long enough!  

These dogs are smart!

I got images added through Template 20 and it was almost noon, so I took a shower and hubby and I went outside to work in the garden.  

We threw the dresser we had worked so hard on earlier this year, which was a gift, into his truck for disposal.  It just is not working out well.  It is always dirty and the plants are not growing well.  It was a great idea for someone who had a daily paid gardener to take care of something like that!

We poked a hole in the pot that we had used in the dresser to let water out as with all this rain we've had this year, the pots in the yard are just sitting in water and plants are drowning everywhere.  I then replanted plants, combining several pots.  I threw one big pot that I've probably had for 20 years in the back of hubby's truck for disposal.

We did a lot of weeding and trimming back too.  Although there needed to be more done, it was very hot outside and we had not eaten anything yet.

It was about 2:30 p.m. when we went inside to think about getting some food when I saw a text message on my phone that small group was meeting today!  I had not gotten an email!  It must have gotten lost in cyberspace.

So, we made a huge bowl of popcorn because this group always brings food, and because I was hungry and needed something extra to eat on, and rushed off to the meeting.  I just LOVE a big bowl of white popcorn!  There's something so pretty yet so artistic about it.

We watched the next section of the Mark Unger Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage video, had our 20 minutes of couple time, and then gathered for group time.

At home we watched two movies on Hulu.  The second one had Scott Eastwood in it, the son of Clint Eastwood, and I kept looking at the wrinkles by his eyes just like his father.  It was called The Perfect Wave and was actually a Christian testimony story based on a real life experience.  The first one was called Mystic Pizza and it was fun to see this 1980's movie and all the actors and actresses as they looked when they were so much younger.


Tara D said…
Doggie cuddles are awesome!

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