August 17 . . . a Monday

I woke up at 5 a.m.!  I have no idea why!  So after trying to go back to sleep for a while, I got up and started working.  I was excited to have time and a little motivation.  I took one of Tara's graphics and prepared for an upcoming designer class lesson.  Then I took what I designed and made another graphic for an upcoming course 2 lesson.  Then I started on a layout with the graphic because I just have to show it in a layout in the video.  I have another graphic I made last week for a different technique for the same course 2 lesson, but I still have to make a layout with it.

I felt as if I got some things done!  Whooo hoooo!

I'm anxious about an email I received Friday.  I may be teaching a Photoshop class at night starting Thursday.  That is, if the class gets enough students signed up.  The problem is I have no idea what is normally taught, the course outline, the curriculum, what the students expect to be taught, nothing!  If I do get to teach it, I may have to halt everything else in my spare time and do a lot of prep work between now and Thursday.  I should know more tonight.
I tried a recipe for lunch for brown butter tomatoes.  To me, it just added calories and made the tomatoes soggy.  Not something I will be doing again.

Yesterday I missed some hot sauce with bird seed in a bowl and stirred with a spoon, since putting the hot sauce on the bird feeder itself did not keep the squirrels away.  I see there are a few cracked seeds, but for the most part, they are left alone!  I sure wish I could have seen them trying to eat it.  I need to get it off the feeder before the birds find it.
After work, I went to the church on the college campus to help with a dinner for international students.  They are arriving into our country earlier than the rest of the students and the food service on campus is not available yet, so they are in need of food.  I cannot imagine arriving in a foreign country with no transportation and no means of getting food.  They do have a shuttle to take them out to Wal-mart and I believe they do have each student assigned to a guide to help them.

It was so crowded it was unbelievable!  I think there were well over 100 students.  I had heard that we were to have the new students and the other church was to have the returning students, but apparently they all came to visit us.  There was barely room to stand.

I thought it was awesome how the students from all over the world were all speaking the English language and getting to know each other.  I tried talking to some, but as the crowd grew, I just wanted to shrink back to the kitchen.  I asked several how long they had been here in America and most said one week to 24 hours.  I asked what they thought of America and some just smiled and grinned as if they did not want to answer.  One guy said "cool."

This is what it looked like after the majority of the crowd had left.  We overheard some of them and they were headed to the other church for a second meal.  We had a laugh over that.

My feet were hurting having stood for a few hours and I still had yet to go do my cleaning job.  I felt bad not going back to my church to help clean up the dishes, but having been awake since 5 a.m., working 3 hours on my computer, having worked my day job, and having helped with the dinner, I wasn't sure I could clean the dishes from the dinner and do my cleaning job.  I was totally zapped.  I did not even do that much with the dinner, but was present to help when something came up and did so some refilling and picking up stuff of the table and cleaning up at the end.

Hubby sent me this fantastic drawing he discovered at work, calling it himself.  lol  He finds the cutest things sometimes at his work.

I don't know why, but I got home around 9 p.m. and ended up watching t.v. until about 11:30 p.m.  I could hardly keep my eyes open, but I guess I had to wind down before going to sleep.


Tara D said…
What a busy day! :) Sounds like there were a lot of hungry kids!
Tammy said…
You are one busy, busy lady!! Cute drawing your hubby found.

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