August 18 . . a Tuesday

I took a walk in the flower garden after work and since I had not shared any flowers in a while, I thought I would snap some photos of my ever-changing garden.

Everything is mostly yellow and I'm not a big fan of yellow, but these tall phlox with the patch of black-eyed susans is pretty.

This is the pot that we poked a hole in that used to be in the dresser that we disposed of on Sunday.  I'm taking plants from other pots that have all been drowning because of all the rain and trying to revive them in this one pot.  Ooops.  Need to sweep that dirt! 

This rose bush has not done well this year.  It is usually full of blooms a few times a year, but this year it is just barely blooming.

We have had literally hundreds if not thousands of black-eyed susans blooming, as always.  They have been blooming at least three weeks now.  They are always a pain to cut back when they are done blooming.  This is the largest patch, but we have other patches in other beds here and there.

I did not plant this!  This was quite a sweet surprise from God!  These re-seeded from plants in another bed earlier this year.  I think these are poppies.  I just love how graceful they fall down on along the wall.  I could not have planted this if I had tried!

You can see another rose bush here.  We only planted this recently (either this year or last) and it is not doing much better than the other rosebushes.  I guess rosebushes do not like lots of rain.  I think I will get some fertilizer for them soon.

The hanging baskets are hanging on for the most part.  They are a bit straggly, but still pretty.

The crape myrtle are finally beginning to bloom.  I think it gets too much shade where it is at, but at least it is still thriving.  I think I need to give up keeping it short and think up a different method of trimming it back.  That may give it more blooms.

This patch of surprise lilies has been blooming.  It has been here since before we bought the house.

I was cleaning the table cloth and put the mint on the swing that we have up to the table.  It is looking thin, but still doing well and sprawling everywhere.

This is my dinner for one.  I used the leftover pork (that was so yummy that I made days ago) and put it in a red pepper and topped it with hummus and cheese, then baked it.  With fresh lemonade and my iPad, it was a fabulous dinner on the patio.

The weather is so perfect tonight!  I just wanted to be outside on the patio to enjoy it.

I kept telling myself that my theme word for the year was "gaze" and this was a grand opportunity to just gaze on the beauty of God's creation in my own yard.  So that is what I did.

I think I am feeling a bit burnt out on doing all the stuff for the site as well as my other feelings.  Maybe God knows what is best for me to keep giving myself a break.

This is Ria who says, "I know you have food up there!"

So, I learned last night that I am to teach the Photoshop class.  He did offer to postpone the class a week to give me prep time, but I do not think I can be any more prepared in a week.

Only having Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for the class, I should be inside working on it, but this weather is just too perfect.  I sense Fall is around the corner.

I was super excited to help someone in the Facebook group tonight with Lesson 8A on changing a layout with design principles.  The changes were spot on and it made my day!  I was smiling and feeling oh-so-good to be able to help someone again.  That's what being a teacher is all about.


Tara D said…
Your flowers are gorgeous!
Hummie B said…
Thank you for the comment and for looking!
Tammy said…
So much color! Your garden is gorgeous!!!!

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