August 22 . . . a Saturday

I got out of bed around 8 a.m. and went to sit on the patio on the couch in my nightgown.  This is Miss Tizzy being the guard-of-the-yard.  So cute!  I read my Bible and prayed outside.  I just want to stay outside in this perfect weather!

Then I went  inside and worked until about 1:30 p.m. creating videos and new class guide pages.  Goodness, this all takes more time than I imagine and I think I'm a swift worker, staying on focus.  Just letting the videos process takes a while and I work while it does that.  I hope people use and enjoy these videos.  That has been my big funk I have been in because I spend so much time and hardly anyone uses the work I do.  That makes me not want to work.  I hope to get them up tomorrow, but I just had to stop working for today.

Hubby texted me this photo.  He went to work today and had to clean up after the football game.  It is so nice that Teen Challenge comes and helps too.  He got home earlier than we thought he would.  I know he's tired working so late last night and then going in today.  However, when he goes to work on Saturday mornings, it is good for me as I can sit in quiet and get things done on my computer.

We decided to finally try out The Corner Grocery Store.  We have heard it is good and have almost stopped in there many times.  They have a very small menu of mostly hot dogs and a "world famous grilled cheese."  They have specials too, such as fried chicken on Fridays, which we want to try.  This is my BLT.  We wanted to sit in their outdoor seating on the sidewalk, but as we were leaving, it started to rain!  Ack!

I tasted hubby's grilled cheese and it was good.  I watched him make it.  He used a cheese slice and then added some shredded cheese, but the shredded cheese must have had some flavoring in it as there was some added spices in my bite that I could not put my finger on.  It was sort of a mexican flavor.  He used mayo for the toasting on the outside.

They are also known for their sweets.  I had heard that the casino uses their sweets at their farmer's market buffet.  We tried a peppermint patty and a turtle.  We shared them and that was enough sweets for me!  Goodness, were they rich!

Then we visited the car show at the Methodist church on Broadway.  I mostly followed hubby around and was a good wife patiently listening to him.  I don't get into cars.  I've seen this funny one before though and it was the only one I snapped a photo of.

Then we went to the auto supply store and picked up some cleaner for my wheels.  They are not good at all and have needed cleaning for a long time.

Then we went to Schnucks and picked up a few things and got some wine and chips and Redbox movies for the evening.

We made some popcorn too.  It's been two weeks since I've had any wine or chips.  I thought that was great of me!  After the movies I put on some Pandora music and we had fun dancing. We like doing that.


Tammy said…
Dancing sounds fun. Someday I'd like to learn how...
Hummie B said…
lol I don't know how to dance and feel I'm funny to watch. So private dancing in the living room is the best! My dogs love it!

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