August 24 . . . a Monday

I woke up today on time and read my Bible on my phone and prayed for a bit before turning on my computer.  I'm trying to get back into that habit and to stop looking at other apps on my phone before I open my Bible app.

I asked God what I should be doing next with my morning time and I just could not choose anything.  I ended up getting distracted shopping online for shoes.  It's been two years since I bought myself a new pair of shoes.  I feel embarrassed that I have worn the same two pair to work for the past two years.  I do not think this is normal for people who work in offices.  I'm sure everyone looks at them and has thoughts.   Sometimes during thoughts like these I feel very poor and then I realize there are some people who do not have have a good pair of shoes and I am actually very blessed.

Other than a few pair of $10 pants from Wal-mart that I needed when I lost weight, and the t-shirt I bought on our vacation this year, I have not bought any new clothes in two years either.  Hubby was taking a sack of stuff today to the Teen Challenge store and he had put a bunch of his shirts in it and I was baffled and a bit miffed at him.  These shirts are ones he has recently purchased and he has never worn and he is just giving them away.

One of them we bought because he just had to have a Hawaiian shirt for our 25th anniversary 4 years ago and he absolutely loved it, but now is just done with it?  Another one was one we bought about 3 years ago when we spent over $500 to get him new clothes when he complained that he had no nice clothes.  Never in my life have I ever spent that much money on myself for clothes and here he is tossing away a perfectly good shirt that even looks nice on him.

I just do not get how he places value on things and I'm certain that if I die before him, he will just toss away everything that I value.  What does he wear day after day after day?  The same pair of shorts and the same pair of running pants and the same t-shirt that have paint all over them from doing tasks at home.  He loves to wear ratty old clothes, even to the store or events, and never wears his nice clothes.  Then he gets rid of the nice stuff and turns around and complains he does not have any nice stuff.  I cannot get my mind off thinking about all this, especially when I have an office job and should be getting new clothes and am still wearing the same clothes I got in the 90's.  He has no idea how I sacrifice not getting new things for myself compared to what he gets.  The other shirts he was getting rid of were ones he recently bought at Kohls and I've never seen him wear them.  Never.  He always "has to have" because he "doesn't have" and then he doesn't wear them and then just gets rid of them.  Can you see why I cannot get it out of my mind?  I'm the female here!  Females are supposed to have more clothes than the males and it is the other way around!  It always has been!

So, although I'm trying desperately to pay down on bills this month and owe less at the end of the month than at the beginning of the month, I am distracted feeling determined to get a new pair of shoes.  If only I could choose a pair.

After work I went shopping for a journaling Bible!  I've been chatting with Robin and am excited to have someone to join me in promoting the Digital Bible Journaling, which has been spurring on other ideas in my head of Hybrid Bible Journaling, so I'm going to go for it!  I cannot create for hybrid unless I can share how to use it hybrid, so I had to get a journaling Bible.

Goodness, are they expensive!  After I bought one I went to Hobby Lobby for just a few tools, some inexpensive watercolor pencils and medium, and I had $6 left in my purse!  Yikes!  So much for the shoes that were on my mind first thing this morning.  I pray that God is able to use this work that I am about to do.

The only photos I took today were of my playing with my journaling Bible and I am going to include them in another blog post.

My feet were hurting from the shopping and then I had the cleaning job.  It was going on 8 p.m. before I got home and I was so excited, I just had to play with printing and doing my first things in the journaling Bible, so watch for the next post for that information so I do not repeat photos on blog posts.


Tara D said…
Can't wait to see what you do with your journaling bible!

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