August 29 . . a Saturday

This day was sort of an odd day.  It just kept flying by and disappearing.  I was doing stuff, but not getting much done.  I did work on the sticker for Digital Bible Journaling and getting it into the journaling Bible and doing the video.  

I think it was 4 p.m. before I knew it and hubby and I made spaghetti together (his request).  I put the little snacks I bought the girls in a bowl and took the sticker they put on the baggie and stuck it in the bowl.  Now how cute and easy was that?!!  It made me want to make my own stickers and do it again with something else.

I guess the girls were missing their nap because after our meal, they both got in my lap and Miss Tizzy did this.  Yep, she is most content and happy snuggling right between her momma and her sister.

Hubby and I talked about what to do.  I did not want to go anywhere.  We have been talking about actually sitting in our flower garden.  It seems like all we do is work in the flower garden and only enjoy it from a distance.  So here is my chair, all ready to go!

I had to crack up as Miss Tizzy started her exploring, but this time digging, and Ria stood over her waiting for her to get into trouble.  She is such a motherly dog.  I could hear her brain saying, "now where are those humans!"

So we both watched t.v. on our iPads.  How funny are we!  I mostly read first, but then turned on the t.v.  However, the mosquitoes started biting so we decided to head into the patio to build a fire to keep away the bugs.

This is Miss Tizzy keeping guard, as always.  The girls took turns getting in my lap or sometimes were in my lap at the same time, running off to protect us every so often.

I think my new favorite ice cream is key lime frozen yogurt.  It has some graham cracker mixture throughout it.  I have no idea the brand.  After spaghetti we had made some lemon bars, so we enjoyed them with the fire topped with ice cream.  Hubby had dreamsicle ice cream... that one that tastes orange like those popsicle.

I stayed up really late,  I could not go to sleep.  I decided to get the video I had made up and posted.  I think it was 2 a.m. before I finally fell asleep.


Tammy said…
Your fire looks nice!

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