August 6 . . . a Thursday

I blogged and sent out a Mailchimp newsletter before work.
I'm in a funk.
Paid bills. We had no utility bill this month.  I love budget billing!  So I applied that from our budget to another account to help knock it down.  Enough said. 

Apparently the lady from the campground, if you've been following that saga, has checked her account electronically and found the check we deposited to be going through.  She sent me this text.  This does not even deserve a reply.  For all the times she ignored our calls and texts, why shouldn't I do the same for her?

For all the bad things I had to say about her campground, I cannot think of one good thing to say.  Add to that her taking our money after assurance she would not and all the work and hassle to get our money back and her dropping the "f-bomb" about my hubby, what would I say good for a review?  She should just be happy I'm not posting the bad reviews.

At lunch time, hubby and I used our phone grocery app to make a shopping list.

It had been about a month since we shopped.  I went to Wal-mart first hoping for better prices.  Hubby wanted some razors.  What did we used to do before cell phones and texting when shopping for the spouse?  Oh yeah, make more mistakes!  I sent him a photo of some razors so he could text back and tell me which one he wanted.

Then I went to Schnucks for food.  Peaches must be in season.  Whoo hooo!  Now what am I going to make with these?  or just eat one for breakfast?

Look at these fabulous price on these gorgeous red peppers!  I just had to take a photo.  The green ones were $89 cents each.
This is the shopping as I headed home.  I dreaded dragging it all into the house and putting it all away.

My feet hurt so bad by the time I got home.  I'm done.  Finished to well done for the day.
I put away all the cold food and made sure everything was at least out of the bags and left it for hubby to finish.

Except for small runs, and a trip to get dog food, we should be set for another month.  I'm afraid to look at our bank account now.


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