August 7 . . . a Friday

We love these pizza crusts we've been buying.  So thin and crispy.  I had pizza sauce, canadian bacon, and lots 'o yummy cheese for lunch.

I sold this 1960's camp stove today and hubby sold three coolers, so now my new laptop fund is up to $145 in one week.  Not bad.  This was my parents and has been in our basement since 1986.  We never used it, so I do not even know if it still works, but it even had the booklet with it.  I struggled with selling it.  I know it's crazy, but I can still see my Dad pumping up the pressure in the tank, getting frustrated because it did not have enough pressure to light, and putting his mastery onto pumping it with the correct interval and push to get the thing to light.  It was like watching my baby drive away.  Weird how I had that attachment for a memory with something that's sat in our basement for almost 30 years.  I am seeing these going on eBay ranging from $70 to $150 average,  There are some less and some more.  It's crazy.

I still have this cook stove with no interest yet.  I could not figure out why I had no memory of this cook stove until last night when I realized that this was my Dad's parents.  I'm not sure how old it is really, but at first I thought it was 1960's also from what hubby said, but now I think it might even be older!  I don't think I got this when we were first married, but somewhere down the line inherited it later and it was in the boxes of stuff my Dad sent from Grandpa's house.  Having never camped with my Grandparents to my memory, that is why I have no attachment to this cook stove.  Here's a history page of Coleman stoves and based on the legs, this might be a 40's model.  I see one of these on eBay for $35 and another one of just a tank for $22.

I had to clean tonight.  On my way there, this light came on in my car.  Just something else to deal with in the morning before our plans for a 29th anniversary weekend.  Why wasn't this changed when we ha the car in the shop all those times in June?  My sticker says it was due for a change in March!  What!  What happened to people in shops actually taking care of customers?  I also cannot trust hubby to take care of it.  I guess it is my car, but he usually does this stuff.  I'm going to have to start taking care into my own hands and being responsible I guess.

Today seems to be pretty much a wash on productivity.


Tara D said…
Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

My husband and I made a deal when our youngest was born. I do all diapers, and he does all the fluids in my car. . . for LIFE! Lol. Seems to be working out well. My son is out of diapers but I refuse to let him forget our deal :)
Tammy said…
We had a pump cook stove, too!! I have no clue whatever happened to it. For all I know it's still in the garage somewhere. Snort.
Hummie B said…
Sell it and make money! Buy something you want with it.

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