essentials of happiness . . . a quote

"The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
- Allan K. Chalmers


anitab said…
So very true!!!
Connie Mercer said…
Love this saying~
Patricia Rouse said…
So glad you posted this, my doctor told me my last visit but I couldn't remember exactly how it went and I've been wondering ever since. God works in such mysterious ways. This was only two weeks ago. Now I've saved it for forever. I soooooo needed this!
Hummie B said…
I recall a lot of Bible verses in devotions and sermons a few months ago on "joy" and whether joy and happiness have the same definition. Joy is only from Christ while happiness is earthly. We can have joy through even the unhappy times.

This quote is still good though. It gives me incite to consider the earthly joys. I know that "something to do" would be for instance blogging and doing scrapbooking and photography, as well as many other hobbies. They all make me happy.

I know having my husband and children and even my dogs to love makes me happy. When we can give love, we feel happy.

As for having something to hope for, I think about when I "dream" about doing this or that on a vacation and get all excited about it, how happy that makes me feel.

Connie, good to see you on the blog. Appreciate your comment.
Pat, good to see you too and it makes me smile to know how this helped you so much. God's timing is good!

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