Facebook logs my video watching activity! Argh!

I often log into my Facebook and delete activity.  I do not like how Facebook keeps a record of everything I do.  I click on my account and then activity log to delete.  I often do  this when depressed as it somehow makes me feel better.

Today I saw something different.  I then clicked on "photos" and saw a zillion indicates that I "watched a video."  So Facebook is logging every time a video auto plays when I'm scrolling on my phone?  How disturbing is that?  I suppose they are counting those as video views for videos I do not really watch.  How long will it take me to delete all of these?  Arrrrggggg!

I am going to stop the videos of autoplaying (help instructions here) to see if that helps this problem.  I read somewhere that  Facebook is not tracking how long you watch each video or pause at each post to allow them to give you ads and feeds more to your liking.  It's so creepy!


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