God's Hold is Sure

There were two brethren who differed on the question of the believer's safety in Christ. They were discussing the question, and one said to the other:

"I'll tell you, a child of God is safe only so long as he stays in the lifeboat. He may jump out and if he jumps out he is lost."

To this the other replied, saying: "You remind me of an incident in my own life. I took my little son out with me in a boat. I realized, as he did not, the danger of his falling or even jumping into the water. So I sat with him all the time, and all the time I held him fast, so he could neither fall out nor jump out of the boat."

"But," said the first speaker, "He could have wriggled out of his coat and got away in spite of you."

"Oh," said the other, "you misunderstood me if you supposed I was holding his coat; I was holding him."

Author Unknown


OneEar said…
I lost my coat too once.
Hummie B said…
I'm not so sure about this one. Yes, God may be holding onto us directly and not via coat, but just as a child can wriggle free from one's arms even naked, so can we wriggle free from God's grasp and wander away. Then when we return, we are like the prodigal son.

I saw today an article about a child who has wandered 100 yards from a campsite and they found him dead, but they did not know cause of death yet. Even the best and most alert of parents these accidents can happen.

Sometimes, I wander, I think.

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