Gratefulness, DigiHop, Facebook Group, and Template Set 21

This was sent to the email list today:


I am reminded to be grateful as I see the response from the 125 people who read the last email message and those who read regularly or check from an eReader of the folks who do still find interest in HW.  Those who posted and declared they were normally silent reader really touched my heart that they would break out of their shell to share with me.  There has been a lot of love and a lot of caring going on in the comments and behind the scenes.  I appreciate everyone who is praying and communicating with me as I try to get out of this funk.  

There was only one "complaining" post from someone who I went to great lengths to friend over the years, but who disappointed me yet again to only come to visit to complain.  It was a testimony of truth to my last email.  It was ironic too that I would share a post about investing in people only to be hurt that they did not care back, only to have one come and do the same.  However, I was thankful it was only one.  I have endured so much complaining over the years I am thankful that the percentage was so low.

Template Set 21

One of the things keeping me in a funk was the fact that I needed to get Template Set 21 in the store and that I knew all the time it would take me would be wasted time because no one would buy it anyway.

Here is a blog post about the Template Set 21. It is now in the store. Hurray!

Unfortunately, it was not as easy as creating a preview and putting it in the store.  I needed to first fix the class guide pages for the Template class and it was going to take me a long time to do so.  There was more work to it than anyone can imagine and more time put in it than I can care to admit.  Mostly, I had to re-number the url's so it were less confusing, which meant I had to re-link all the navigation menus, and then re-link it all to the store.  Of course, I am in the process of adding all the layouts to the guide pages and I have nearly 2,000 in just the Template Class, but I managed to get up through Template 20 added so far.  I did blog more about all this, but it's babbling and I don't expect anyone to read all that.  It was more good for me too just type it to vent.

Please remember that if you are interested in the templates that there is a coupon which makes them very inexpensive, but also remember they are only available in .tiff now.  I have had complaints about this, but to be able to get the files small enough to upload to Etsy, I have to stick with this format.  It works with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements which the majority of the folks at my site use since that is what I teach.


I want to remind you of the DigiHop for August.  There have been five entries so far, but if you would like to participate, the linky is open through the 19th of the month.  This is another thing that is wavering in my head whether to continue or not.  It seems as if I get people to join it, but then they see something to complain about and leave.  I tried making it the least complicated and drama-free as possible, but digital scrapbookers cannot seem to do anything but drama and that wears on me.  Those that want to use 4shared get mad at me when I indicate that I cannot download and they need to use another host, so those folks leave.  People get mad when I cannot get to checking the links fast enough (because I'm on vacation) and when I do not fix what they perceive with someone else's post as a problem, they leave.  I cannot ever make people happy.

I am going to be putting up the September colors soon, but unless there is continued interest and growth of the hop, by more contributions and participants, I may yet decide to discontinue it.  I just do not need this drama in my life and complainers and negative people.  I want to be happy.  I want you to be happy.

What's next?

I have not stopped.  I am still pushing forward.  I am working behind the scenes trying to do a new tutorial with a new trend.  I hope now that I got that template set 21 up I can move forward to that.

The new FACEBOOK GROUP has some activity in it which I greatly appreciate also as it feels like folks trying to encourage me by being active.  I am putting up a challenge technique tutorial in hopes others will join in, as well as working my way through Course 1 for beginners.

I have lots of ideas, but getting the motivation is key.

I have a lot of tutorial ideas I can work on, such as more photography lessons and other ideas I've saved.

I have a brand new class idea which I though people might really enjoy, but I have yet to do prep work on it.

I want to re-record some of Course 1.

I want to do some videos of my phone and have actually spent time figuring that out, but not done the videos yet.

I have ideas for things I could create for the store taking a different avenue.

I want to continue to encourage Digital Bible Journaling.

I have a plethora of ideas in my basement from my home daycare and boy scout days I could tap into.

I have a lot of personal things I want to do, such as my genealogy and scanning photos.

There is no shortage of ideas and inspiration of things I want to do, but there is a shortage of time and motivation.  

I pray God give me the wisdom on what to do with my time and where it is best spent, but I'm stuck not really hearing an answer from Him.


Stopping by to say hello again! Totally hear you about not being able to please everyone. Ditto most folks have no idea how much time and effort is involved in designing a template or any of the other multitude of tasks on your long list! It's amazing what you get done and no wonder you are beat!

The Etsy Digital Design Team started a Facebook group recently. We are finding it a very good way to share with each other. Hope that will be your experience with the new Facebook group too.
Forgot to say...I know you are extremely busy. In case you'd like to join the DD Team Facebook group go here.

So far it is drama free and informative.

grambie said…
I try to comment whenever possible on your site. I find myself viewing your layout through Flickr because you are in my newsletter contacts there. I find myself leaving comments there more often. I am going through some turmoil because I have to move. Since my son passed in February, I am living alone. My surviving daughter lives in Pennsylvania and surviving son in Belair, MD. Hopefully, once this change occur, moving to Augusta, Georgia, with my eldest granddaughter, I can participate more. I love you kid and appreciate the blessings that I have received from you over the years. Even when I was in the hospital and therapy centers, it was the memories of our friendship that always brought a smile to my face. Always there for you. Hugs.
Hummie B said…
Char, thanks!

Yes, I think I was a member of that team before you joined. I remember you introducing yourself. I participated regularly for a while, but ever since I started the process of moving everything to delete the blog, I haven't had time.

Yes, that is another thing I can add to my possibilities of things to do! No lack of ideas and things, just motivation.
Hummie B said…

You know I love and appreciate you! You are one of those people who gives so freely commenting with love. You are one of the few that comments on my layouts. You are one of those people who has invested a lot of time in me that I feel like it is hard to find a way to care back enough. I'm the one lacking here!

You have been through so much in life more than I can ever imagine and yet your faith is so strong and I always marvel and tell people about what a great testimony you and your life are and what you do.

I remember one time not having heard from you in a long time and trying to write your daughter whose email I had to check on you. I was worried for you. That was about 3 years ago I think.

Your son passed away! Oh no!

Why can't your son or daughter take you in? I suppose it doesn't matter if you have a wonderful granddaughter willing to take you in. That is a blessing.

Whenever I see you online I think to myself, "I should be more like Grambie." :)

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