Hummies Classes/Challenges Bi-Weekly Round-Up August 10, 2015

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UseIt! #48 challenge (freebie on blog post)
Holiday Debit Card -- Use It! #46 Challenge #freebie #digiscrap
UseIt! Challenge #47 (freebie on blog post)
Hummie's Template 103 (Freebie on blog post)
Template #102 (freebie on blog post)
NEW Template 101 (freebie on blog post)
NEW UseIt! #49 Halftone Circle Stamp
NEW Scraplift #26 - AMarie's layout ideas - Playing with shapes
Template #104 #digiscrap
May DigiHop Freebie & UseIt #50
Challenge! Follow the Formula!!
AMarie's layout ideas ~ Playing with colors
NEW Course 2 Lesson 102 - Video Tutorial on Using Silhouette Shapes
AMarie's Template - July 15
Follow The Formula!!! ONE picture!
5 Tutorials on methods to Tear or Rip a Photo for your Digital Scrapbooking Layout
Distressed Edge Tutorial for Digital Scrapbooking Layouts
NEW SCRAPLIFT #27 ! What's Miss Tizzy compared to Dora the Explorer
Installing Actions in Photoshop Elements
New Facebook "Group" . . . not to replace the Page
New Since July 27, 2015 
Matte and Mask and Matte Challenge!
Template 105
AMarie's scrap inspiration (Scraplift AND Template)

Okay, is anybody else here CRAZY?!?  Oooops, sorry, ended the sentence before it was done. Is anybody else here CRAZY about FONTS?!?  Yeah, me too.  Not only do I need an organizational system for my digi supplies, I need an organizational system JUST for my FONTS!!!  I was playing with my sisters a couple months ago and one asked me to "make her a title".  Of course, this was going to be something she printed for her paper layout, but I said, "what kind of font?"  She says, "whatever".  HAHAHA!!!  At current count, I have 1233 fonts just installed on my computer.  I have a folder that has over 3000 available.  So, what to do, what to do?  TAKE THE FONT CHALLENGE!!!  Scoot over to HW and check out the font challenge, where there are over 35 challenges, each with a link to download a specific font.  Here's an example of one I did for Font Challenge #19 Varsity!
When you've got yours complete, upload it to our Hummie's World flickr group and share with the rest of us at Hummie's World so we can all praise you and creative genius!
Have fun!  Take care.
Love and Blessings.


Hummie B said…
lol You're so crazy! I mean, I stopped my sentence too early; you're so crazy funny! Giggle

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