Interesting. Google Now & Feedly Collaborate

I read this today on the Feedly blog.

First thoughts.

1.  What in the world is "Google Now."
2.  Google ditched their eReader and Feedly had to come to the rescue of many users and now they are collaborating?

It appears to be something you see ("Feedly Now cards") if you have both the Google app and the Feedly app installed on your phone, but the article does not give links for iPhone users.  I have the Feedly app on my iPhone, but I'm not sure I have the "Google" app, although I do have the Google Plus app installed.

I'm confused.  Are you?
I added the "Google" app to my phone.  I see it references "Google Now" in the welcome screen, but that is the only place I see it referenced.

This is pretty much all I saw in the app.  Not impressed at all.  It does reference "cards" and I did view the sample cards, but when I swipe to scroll down, it tells me there are not more cards available and to come back later.  All I see is my weather and news about the airplane.


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