July 31 . . . a Friday

When I woke up and started my computer, it looked like this.  I like the clock.  I had a desktop clock previously so I could see the time in my bedroom.  Now with Windows 10, they have removed desktop apps.  

I wonder how to change the photo.

I found that you could change the "lock screen" photo in personalization settings.  I also found you can change it from any photo in the drop down menu.  But I get an error when I do that!  And the photo still has not changed even though I change the settings.  Frustrating.

This is a photo of the crack as I left work for lunch.  I see this every day, but somehow today, it called my attention.  It feels like me.  Like I feel.  All cracked up and broken.

When I came home from lunch there were flags in our yard with green lines.  I wonder what they are getting ready to do.  Will my yard be dug up again?  It could be the sink hole repair that is in my neighbors yard borderline with my yard.  That was maybe March when that appeared.  It sure has taken them a long time to do something.  I hope they don't dig up the yard yet again.  I'm getting tired of it.

I cleaned up hubby's laptop and decided to sell it.  A friend offered to buy it for three payments over three months.  So it has gotten put back away waiting for her to make the first payment.  She wants us to keep it until she makes all the payments.

I got mail today.  My mammogram came back normal.  I am relieved, but I still wonder why I have this pain.

Since this is our last weeknight together, we decided to go downtown for a while.  We stopped at this restaurant and ordered some drinks and listened to the musician.  We were rather perturbed that he dropped the "f bomb" multiple times, but we let it ride.

I had brought two of my favorite books that I had gotten out.  I get them out once a year in the summer to read and enjoy them.

We ordered nachos to share.

Then we took a walk down to the river.  When we got there we found a street musician.  He was playing a song for another group of people and we were across the corner and started dancing.

Then the other people left and he told us how we really made his day dancing.  He was all smiles.  The people driving by were all smiles.  One couple with children stopped to watch us dance and asked if we had a phone because they wanted to take photos of us for us.  That was sweet!

We had people smiling everywhere!

Then the musician came to the middle of the street and sang a song just for us.  I forget the song, but it had the word "dance" in the lyrics, so we started dancing again.  He was serenading us!

Then the employees of the restaurant at the corner came out with their cameras!  Um!  Time to stop dancing in the street!

We were the oldest sober couple in downtown!

Two blocks later we overheard someone calling us "that cute couple."
What a great memory all that was for us.

It was a "blue moon" night.  Blue moon ain't blue!  Of course, my phone camera does not capture it well.  But we enjoyed its reflection on the river.  A blue moon is when there is a second full moon in one month.

We walked up to another restaurant and I had a margarita and hubby had wine.  We were stuffed from the nachos.

Then as we were walking back to the car I spotted these lights and were really drawn to the artistic value.

It was a nice evening.


DebR said…
Hi Hummie...enjoying your blog :-)
Glad you guys had such a wonderful time. I would of loved seeing you's dance.
Glad your mammogram came back ok.
I see you upgraded to Windows 10 too. I get the same opening screen.
I just ordered Photoshop Elements 13 so I am looking at your tutorials.
Take care,
Hummie B said…
Thanks for reading, Debbie. You wouldn't want to see us dance. I'm certain they were laughing at us, not saying we were great dancers. lol We can't dance, but would love to learn.
Tammy said…
So glad the mammogram is normal! Hope you can find out what's causing you pain, though.

You and your hubby have so much fun!!!
Sweet to hear that musician's reaction to your dancing. How many times do we hold back joy, just because others will think us silly? Reminds me of that song, " I Hope You Dance"............

As for your Mammogram test, perhaps a sonogram would see more. You might ask your doctor about that. Also, it can be common for people that have cysts in their breasts to experience pain from them. Cysts are non-cancerous and usually cause no problems, but some people experience pain from them.

Anyway, keep dancing!

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