July 5 . . . a Wenesday

This is the image from the internet of the cell phone outage the night before.  It was kind of creepy knowing it was so close and it was never really explained how so many people could loos cell phone and internet.  This just tells me that if this was not a terrorist that there is something small that could make such a big loss that terrorists could hit it if they needed to.  We all rely on our cell phones nowadays.

I put up the template 105 before work.  
I saw on live.com that I could download a new Outlook app and I was curious.  There seems to be so much new stuff out right now and I just have to play with it all, you know!  I think at first I wondered if I needed this app and did not initially download it.  It brings together all email, but that is what my iPhone already has built into the settings, so why do I need it again?

This is what it says it accesses for your privacy.  I'm curious and almost afraid to grant this much access.  I haven't set up OneDrive to upload anything yet except my OneNotes, of course.

Check out this story that came out today locally about a man in Advance who was arrested for having porn that was uploaded to OneDrive. It specifically says "Microsoft Corp. reporting an email address associated with *him* had uploaded 33 images depicting child port to a Microsoft Skydrive account."  Wow!  That really got me!  So Microsoft is looking at what we upload? Is there no privacy?  Yes, I'm glad he is caught, but I want my privacy too.  Does Google do the same?  What about other backup services? Dropbox? The less I use them, the better is what is going through my head. Yes, I use three services for automatic backup, but I'm going to try to keep making that use smaller and smaller.

So I can access Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, but not other services.  Access them to put things in emails?  I'm not sure yet.  I need to play some more.  I haven't had time to set it up yet except one email account that doesn't have much there, but it did pull in my phone's contacts.  I see it has a calendar too.  Are they going after one app for everything?

The girls greeting me at lunch time in this photo.  Tizzy has already started for the door.  They get so fast on the routine it cracks me up.
Ria is always there to say "hi" and Tizzy is always there to jump on Ria and play.  Ria doesn't like it, but she always plays along.
After work, I played with another new app out.  It is call LiveText by Yahoo.  It is pretty cool.  First I did it with Dawn and then I did it with hubby.  It is texting, but with silent video.  It's great if you don't want to disturb the people around you in the room or want privacy from others in the room, but still want to see faces and expressions or be shown their location and surroundings of what they are doing.  It is a fun app, but it does drain the battery power while in use.

I edited this photo in Snapseed.  I've been playing with that app too.  That's why there are three dogs in the photo.  lol  I was trying to clone out hubby's name but it didn't work too well.  I was laying on the bed chatting with hubby.

This is outside my front window.  The way the flowers that are falling over as they begin to die onto the bird feeder is something I found pretty.

My blueberries are beginning to go bad so I made some blueberry rosemary simple syrup.  I had read some weeks ago about these LaCroix natural carbonated waters.  Apparently their sales and sales of other similar brands are on the rise.  They taste horrible!  How do people drink these things!  

I tried adding the simple syrup, but I had to add so much that now I see why soda has to have so much sweetner!  This totally defeats the purpose of the no calorie soda water.  lol  It sure looked fun though!

I did the cleaning job tonight and then watch So You Think You Can Dance.  The dogs always sit in my lap, but for about 10 minutes, Ria got in hubby's chair and sat up to watch t.v.  She kept looking at me as if to say, "where is Daddy, he is supposed to be sitting right here next to you."


Tammy said…
Hope you're adapting well to the change in hubby's work.

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