New Digital Bible Journaling Facebook Group

I wanted to invite you to a new group I created  Digital Bible Journaling on Facebook.

I wanted to invite you to a new group I created for Digital Bible Journaling. There is a bit movement in the last year for Bible Journaling and Illustrated Faith, but since I am a digital gal, I created (now a year ago Aug 31) the Digital Bible Journaling. I'm hoping adding a Facebook group will help it grow.

So even if you do not do the hobby, but just want to enjoy the images others create, I invite you to join. 

My friend Dawn is planning on posting music videos as inspiration too. She is the Music Director.  My friend Tara is sharing her digital doodles.  She is the Doodle Director.  Bernie is also an admin, but I have yet to give her a title.  

I am looking for others that want to take ownership in making it a place of worship.  I think someone to write a prayer for things happening in the world would be great, such as a Prayer Director.  I do not think as we get larger a lot of personal prayer requests should be posted as that would make the group too hard to keep up with, but general prayers for things in the news (i.e. California wildfires right now).

I'm asking another person I know to write little devotion snippets (okay, he already does it on his own page and I love them).  I'm waiting to see what he says.

We could do a verse of the day or a challenge of the week with a verse, if someone wanted to take charge of that.

Any other ideas?

You may invite your friends too. Okay, I am asking you to invite your friends.  :)


I've never done digital bible journaling before, but I love the thought of it! How perfect that would fit into my renewed focus on my faith. I volunteer at my church, and create the program handouts for each Sunday. I also keep up the various bulletin boards, and I think that digital bible journaling would really inspire my creativity. I'm available to volunteer, but not sure where/how I could best fit in.

Thanks, Hummie, for setting this group up!
Hummie B said…
Sunny, that is awesome! I would love to see a first page from you.

You have to let me know what you want to do that best fits where God leads you.
grambie said…
It lost my comments. I am with you all the way. I am on a borrowed laptop because I computer was fried during a bad storm on August 28 with flooding. The electricity part took out power until the next morning. I was having online withdrawals. My son is to let me know the results as to whether it is hopeless and I need to buy a new computer. I hope to learn how to do bible journaling because I so enjoy your uplifting words of faith. LUV U Little Girl, LOL.
Maggie Adair said…
Sounds great, I love Bible journalling even though I've only done a couple pages
Hummie B said…
Grambie, I'm sorry to read about your hardships. I hope you are set up with a new or usable computer again soon.

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