Notes from the Newsletter

I have taken a turn of inspiration, and so quickly!

I ran out and bought a journaling Bible. I decided my Digital Bible Journaling layouts needed to be printed and put in the Bible first, so I did a video tutorial. I have ideas and plans for pursuing hybrid ideas.

We have new acronyms:
DBJ (Digital Bible Journaling)
HBJ (Hybrid Bible Journaling)

Read all about it here and watch video tutorial.

New Guide page for all things DBJ is a work in progress where you can find all of my resource notes and links to videos.

If you are interested in DBJ and HBJ, join the Facebook group that Robin started. We are teaming together to promote DBJ and HBJ.


Please remember my new Facebook group where I really could use your help in teaching newbies and where you can also share your layouts and do random challenges I select each week.


Remember What the Duck? I'm re-remembering him to and have some fun links for you. Click here. Love that duck!


Anne-marie shared a new template recently as a challenge. Click here. You can upload to Flickr and add your layout to the linky on the blog to share or even put it in the FB group.


Do you like the new DigiHop colors? I invite you to create and share. It's fun to come together as a community and share and then use each other's stuff.

That's about all for today, but I think I'm on a roll again finally.

I promise to not just do new content on DBJ in the future, so if that is not your interest, stay tuned as I get rolling again. Or just do the over 1,000 challenges already on the guide! They are there for you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tammy said…
Exciting. :)

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