Some days I feel like quittng and taking it all down

Some days I feel like quittng and taking it all down


Tara D said…
(HUG) :(
MiniCooper452 said…
I think we all get there sometimes. I hope you don't. I hope you realize that there are the faithful few who would miss you desperately. I learn something new nearly every day from your posts, classes, FB, etc. I just don't always post it myself. (((hugs)))
Hummie B said…
The thought comes to me in waves. Is it God or something else? Last night I really felt like taking it all down and making the Youtube videos invisible and making Facebook page inactive and the whole bit. Only a few would miss it. To most, I'm just here to be used. I've always felt that way. No one ever sends people to use my tutorials. They borrow the ideas and recreate them for their own marketing. Plus, just so many people have come and pretended they are my friends, but then they really aren't because they are just gone. They were only here as long as I expended energy to show I cared for them. As soon as I stopped, they were gone. One way only truly has zapped me, especially with so many people.

I am still in this mode this morning and I think I'm off to pause the emails that come out.

Every day more and more people unsubscribe. It just stings. Obviously, I'm not giving them any freebies and they otherwise don't care. They know where the free tutorials are and that's all they want, to come and watch that stuff when they want to.

Maybe if I saw this as a business, but I guess I never have. I've always seen it as a community.
My heart aches when I feel your own heart breaking. But this is what I feel I need to express to you. You are very aware that God uses us to reach others in subtle ways. We strive to emulate Jesus in our actions, talents, wisdom, knowledge, and skills. I feel that you have always been a wonderful example of being a loving and kind person, sharing your talents and energy. A wellspring for anyone that stopped by. I think that over the years you have had a positive impact upon so many lives. So many! And in every life you have planted a seed of faith. In the coming years imagine if just one person turns to Jesus because of you, your Christian values! That one person becomes a catalyst for more, for future generations. Ten, ten becomes twenty, etc. satan knows your weakness, and he WILL attack what you love.

So, take a break, listen for God's voice, and know that He will lead you through this. Whatever the outcome, I am ever grateful for you, your talents, your enthusiasm for teaching, and your willingness to be available to others, sharing yourself. That is the biggest gift of all, that of sharing yourself. I thank you for that. May God bless you many times over.
Hummie B said…
Thanks Sunny. :)
Annette said…
Hi Hummie,
So sorry you are going through this time. I don't need freebies I need the ideas and inspiration that you so freely give. I love the fact that you always have something Biblical or Christian in your writings. Too few of those these days. Just know that there are some of us who care and have gotten enlightenment from your postings. Sorry I don't thank you enough for you to know we really care! If you need a break, take it, but we will be here when you step back in and start posting again. We all need a rest every now and again. Just please don't leave us....but if you feel that calling know that you will be missed and thought of dearly by many of us faithful.

Thank you for ALL you do for us
Hummie B said…
Thanks Annnette. I do not recognize your name, so it is good to see a reader who does not post much.

I think I will always blog, but it is the lack of participation with the tutorials that I have on my site and the classes I have set up that bothers me. I have tons of tutorials and info for free, but I rarely see anyone doing the challenges.
Tammy said…
Love you.

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